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Throw-back Thursday: What ideas aren't you willing to consider?

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Mike Rowe has some interesting comments!!

 Me I laugh in there face, and know they are wannabes!!


do you think it matters what the source of it is?

A parent can be an authority.

A government can be an authority.

Law is authoritarian.

you can question Law all day, that alone does not destabilize the law.

Your Op question was :

What ideas aren't you willing to consider?

Her answer was Authoritarianism.

Your statement was :

A parent can be an authority.

A government can be an authority.

Law is authoritarian.

My statement followed as the sign above...

No one said anything about destabilizing the Law...

Not that I can see , therefore your argument does

not apply as there is nothing to argue...

Now if I wanted to destabilize law , I know how that is done , thanks...;)

I understood that. I'm saying that the definition of Authoritarianism may be a bit off, when analyzing ideas not considered.  A follow up to a previous comment above, also. 

Thanks for clarifying , Sin...;)


I would like to call into question, what I call the “Four Cydonian Myths ”.

First Myth:

 Infinity of Mind; Consciousness as Organic

“Unlimited or immeasurable in extent of space, duration of time, etc.:

Unbounded or unlimited; boundless; endless:”

I suppose the entire point is that “infinity” applies to time and space, and therefore does not apply to mind, anymore than mind applies to time and space..

 “Ervin Laszlo presents a theory that helps to tie both together. He proposes that the quantum vacuum – which we know contains all the information of our history from the Big Bang to now – is also consciousness. Everything in the universe therefore has consciousness; from a pebble to a tree, to a cloud, to a person. While this goes against the view of mainstream science, there are some highly respected scientists such as Freeman Dyson, David Bohm and Fritjof Capra, who support the idea that the universe is in fact conscious.

Ervin Laszlo says that life happens because it comes from the quantum vacuum.”

I prefer to call this nonsense.…. It could never go beyond fantasy, much less theory. I would not call this a theory. It does indeed qualify as speculation or science fiction. The universe consists of causal impersonal matter and energy, it is hostile to the causal human existence. A “conscious universe” is an oxymoron.. There is an existence of a conscious self, in space time.

What is consciousness? Consciousness is about being aware of our own existence and the environment in which we live. So if one sub-atomic particle reacts in line with another particle somewhere else in the universe, we could say it is aware of what the other one is doing. In a way it is aware of itself in the universe. So, the question is: Is it enough to say all particles in the universe are conscious?

No, particles are NOT conscious, therefore particle physics (quantum mechanics/theory/uncertainty principle) does not apply to consciousness, or MIND. Laws of physics are not conscious.

Loosely assuming the opposite to be true, and the above mentioned scientists are correct, the antithetic nature of this is perhaps then that consciousness is indeed CHAOS in it’s purest most refined state ..

Just as good a question, what is chaos, or better yet, the cause of chaos?

Could that be why we have such chaotic consciousness? OR, is our consciousness affected by environmental chaos? I think it’s more environmental, which includes the casual universe, which is inherently chaotic.  Anything acausal, greater than that, could also be the cause to the effect, and I tend to think that to be the reality of it as well..

If  consciousness is matter, it could, and probably would,  abruptly or spontaneously “destroy” itself, via quantum chaos, without you even dying, or trying, and would turn you in to vegetable matter. How could conscious chaos change any of that? Consciousness HAS to be understood as something OTHER than matter or quantum energy. In fact, it cannot even be “understood” by the definition of empirical understanding.


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