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My husband and I are filing for custody of our grandchildren. Their mother is abusive and highly unstable. She is the female Jekyll and Hyde; I am not joking at all. For the third time, CPS in California has taken the children from their mother. They are talking about permanent removal and I'll be damned if I just sit by and let this kids be put in foster care!

Their father, my son Jamie, is finally getting the help he needs in order to deal with the physical and mental pain from the war. He, too, wants to come back home. He is doing much better since he has been away from that crazy woman. She wasn't his sole issue but she was a big one. Jamie wants us to get the kids because here would be paradise to them. The eldest, Richie, has a dream: he wants to come to Ohio and be a farmer. We want to do all we can to make that dream come true. The kids live in East Los Angeles and have no idea what REAL rivers and wooded areas are like. I have so much to show them and so very much to teach them.

I ask for your prayers and spells to help this become a reality. That we get the grandchildren, Jamie comes home much better and that we all be together again.

Thank you.

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Put the squatch on a covert op

I'd like to.

S'quatch? Covert? Hell no hash. He's a marine! He will just storm in!

So sorry Innanna. Truly am. Healing thoughts on their way to you!

I am so sorry to read of your struggles. I am sending good vibes your way and will keep you in my thoughts.

thank you. sometimes life just likes to push you and see how far you can go.

I'm closing this.  This should have been a blog, not a forum discussion.


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