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To be pagan means...


When you are being pagan, what distinguishes it from being something else?  


What is being anyway?




"I am being pagan, when I worship many gods..."


Oh?  Aren't you just being a polytheist?  How is the worship of many gods distinguishably pagan from being say, a Hindu?  While Hindus generally accept being labeled pagans, this label isn't necessarily what they are being.  Or are they?


How do you personally make the distinction?




"I am being pagan, when I practice my craft..."


Oh?  How do you distinguish your craft to be pagan?  Aren't there Billions of people that could essentially say the same thing, but don't believe they are being pagan?


Some suggestions on how to approach the subject:

  • How important is it to define the term pagan?
  • In defining it, does it stand on its own as something clearly distinct or can it be replaced with other terms that essentially mean the same thing?
  • How does defining the term directly address being?
  • How often do you compare your own state of being, with others to distinguish yourself being pagan?
  • When asked the question, do you feel your answers assist others in understand how you are being pagan?








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I'm not sure if there is a sufficient definition for the term pagan.
I do believe there may be other terms to describe me and my beliefs, not sure about other Pagans.

Defining the term does not necessarily describe me, I am sure many Pagans out there would tell me I am doing it incorrectly.

It is possible that we continually evaluate ourselves by comparisons to others especially on a site such as this one.
 No one has ever asked me why I am Pagan or how I go about being Pagan.
I believe I am Pagan:

"I am being pagan, when I breathe.

Pagan to me is being apart of the land as in the old norse word buandi  = the one who lives. In Skandinavia being a bonde/farmer/peasant in english. Bonden (The Farmer) was once a warrior and one who lived off the land. No longer a thrall or war slave to the diminishing viking era. They where free to grow what they wanted, live how they wanted without much restrictions. 

Although I cannot live entirerly accurate as they used to in the past. Just by noticing what my ancestors did to survive, simply to have a strong connection to my childhood home. I can define myself as Pagan when Wicca is involved, I have my own share of bad experiences with some of them so I try to distance myself as much away from their practices as possible.

The word pagan can become a very confusing term it is used for some many other branches. But if I where to state my chosen spiritual path as Seidr/Seidh? How many except some who go by heathen and asatru would understand me?

How many except some who go by heathen and asatru would understand me?

  • How well do you believe you are understood now?

Very little from what I have gathered. When I have tried to tell people, they put it as oh it's this and  that. Some love to assume it is just one label they know,when I try to tell them it is not just norse shamanism or just not norse magic. After this they find it not right for me to claim I am doing so many things within one single word. I'm close to giving up.

I've noticed a trend in the last 10 years or so, some folks that vehemently identified as 'pagan' are now shirking the label in favor of something else that articulates their meaning more clearly.

Maybe getting more specific is needed, even if you have to explain it a bit.  Perhaps its better than being an assumed tree-hugger?  ;P

Tree hugger? The poor trees are being tortured enough...

Thank you for the advice SIN. I'll have to come up with a quick but detailed phrase to describe what I do.

Right, which is why they join forces with poison Ivy and Oak, to give those silly humans something to think about ;)

I'd be curious to know what you come up with.  Maybe you can blog it, once you decide. 

Excellent idea! A blog post it shall be.

I don't think of myself as Pagan although I do accept the word has become, maybe always was, a catchall term for anyone who is not on of the major accepted faiths: christian, muslim, jewish etc.

I think of myself as attempting to become a witch, since it is as familiar to me as breathing I don't think of it as in anyway other or attached to any other belief.

I think of myself as attempting to become a witch


Interesting phrasing.  Becoming involves an accumulative state of being, constantly collecting data and experience.  

Yes and I keep trying and learning.   I'm not Wicca I don't believe in degrees etc so its a conscious attempt to learn every day a little more.  I doubt I will ever 'qualify' but if ever a destination was worth the journey!

Well, the last time I checked there was no supreme witches council, lol.  Do your thang!


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