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Merry meet folks! :)

Would love to hear your input on the Triquetra Symbol (plain, without circle).

Also the Triskele.

These both have the number 3 in common...

Since these two symbols have entered my life, things have definitely changed... interesting! So I would love to hear any input you would be willing to share.

Thank you! 

Bountiful Blessings

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The Triquetra is a Triquetra with and without the circle, AFAIK there is no significant difference, other than what meaning one might hold to the circle. Its an old symbol, used by Christians and Pagans alike. For Christians it stands for the holy trinity, Father/Son/Holy Ghost, for pagans it varies a little more I think, but almost always stands for something in three. I actually have a tattoo of one on my left shoulder blade. For myself, the personal meaning is for birth/life/death and It with a circle to represent the continuation of it.

I actually don't know as much about the Triskele, other than I think with some Christians I believe it holds some of the same meaning as the Triquetra, Father/Son/Holy Ghost. I'd have to go back and check my sites, but I think it was originally shows as three legs.

^ This.

Mind, Body, Spirit

It can represent several things,depending on one's path or way in Celtic Lore. I have 9 celtic tattoos ,all with the tri in them..Maiden,Mother and wise woman,the three faces of woman and/or the Goddess OR Earth,Sky,Water,more towards the Irish leanings.I get asked quite a bit,as most of my tattoos are quite large.

Thank you for all your input. And all the lovely pics!
Love hearing other opinions, good thing to make one grow and expand, so appreciate you all sharing.

To me, the message came 7 years ago already in a dream. The number 3...
The next day, I went out and while I was sent on an errand by my then boss, found a silver 3 at the jeweller he sent me to.
Last year, the symbols came, strongly so.
Tattooed the Triskele on my inner wrist, beautiful!
To me, Triskele has to do with, movement, the never ending cycles of growth, Life, Death, Life, mother, maiden, crone, etc. And at the center, Spirit, as the core of All.
Triquetra has come as random as it possibly could be!
Thanks folks!
Be Blessed

 As to the Triquetra I have already answered this one elsewhere in these discussions with the circle of course it spells out a different word----

As to the Triskele it has many levels of meaning. For example it can represent the three forces that underlay all reality. It is found at the neolithic tomb of New Grange in Ireland. In Celtic tradition one of the primary meanings is The Three fountains or wells of wisdom.


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