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What is the usage of it, how to anoint it or activate it?

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It's a choice.  You chose to respond to a rhetorical question. 

See?  Last-wordism.

Why the hell would I change my manner of speaking?  For you?  

That's funny.  Any hoot.


Sin’s got it right.

I’m talking about the universal use of a 3-sided symbol.  It’s found and used in various forms all over the world.

As to how I use it, and maybe the OP can use it, I quote this from my earlier post:


"To activate it, look for it in nature, and when you find any 3-sided or 3-pronged version of it, return to that spot in the waking world and the dream world.
You'll begin to tap into it's power."

The symbol represents (among other things the letters A and S in Dannan script. it can be activated by holding it upright (with one point pointing upright) and anointing it with olive oil on the night of a full moon so that the moon light falls on the symbol. it should be anointed from the top down while chanting the word ASA nine times. of course that is only the simplest and least powerfull means of activation. there are many more potent forms of activation.....

So... I just need to rub some oil on my shoulder...


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