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So, somehow I've attracted a spirit and unwittingly invited him into my house. He freaks my dog, Mia, out (since she's really protective of me in the first place) and gives me trouble almost every night. He doesn't seem dangerous. All he's been doing is bugging me (touching my feet, back, shoulders, ect.) and he makes one of my friends, who is sensitive to these sorts of things, rather uneasy. I believe he was attracted to me in the first place because of my anxiety issues and he seems really unhappy here. I'm an inexperienced witch so I'm not sure how to help him move on and i want to make sure I do things right and not just piss him off even more. Does anyone have any advise for me??

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I'm asssuming that you want him out of your house then? If so then all you have to do is tell him in a calm and forceful voice that he isn't welcome there and that he needs to leave. Stand your ground and don't give in to what he wants. If he doesn't leave then more drastic measures need to be taken. I'd suggest a simple house cleansing ritual.

"I find that they are generally cooperative."


Banish him? Do a elemental banishing of this spirit.
You can also make him pass on. As corny and new age as this sounds visualize a white light [I usually visualize nothing but whiteness, like when a tv screen goes completely white.] tell this spirit to go into the light, then when he does say "now pass on". I use this to get rid of unwanted guests and it works.

That's a good question, I have no idea. I have this belief some will reincarnate while others go on to various afterlife worlds. Possibly the spirit world. All I do is tell them to pass on and let go. I feel a lot of spirits are stuck here and refuse to let go of their old lives, emotionally, and thus are unable to pass on where they are supposed to go. Whatever that is or whomever rules of them (god/entity etc) I wouldn't have a clue. Sometimes I think they just need the living's help to leave this world. 

If your unsure on how to escort this spirit, burn white candles and provide a fragrance that call in spirits best: benzoin, cinnamon, frankincense, or sandalwood. Invoke the psychpomp that you have a connection with. Ideally you would appeal to a spirit dear to the deceased.

  With me yours makes three. I am up because something woke me up, and was not my cat & kitten.

I hear them now so I think the spirts are out of here. I have a candle and a Nag Champa lit. Also

I find The Litany against Fear, ( Herberts DUNE), very helpful in tracing fears path and dealing with

it. I hope this helps.   Thought   Is, are going thru the Galatic Equator Going to mess with the Spirt

world.   Do not have a clue. 

well, there's a reason the spirit is there. it's good you sense the spirit is of a male nature. this means you can probably find out what it is he's there for, why he gives your friend a weird vibe, and maybe even who he is. it's very possible that it's someone who's passed on that you or your friend knew. most of the time spirits have something to say, but have a hard time finding someone to listen... he's trying to get your attention [by touching you, not harming you or anything around you], and probably would like you to open your senses to him...... most of the time if you get the vibe that they're not dangerous, they are there to give answers in an effort to help you or someone close to you.

I think the only real test is to find out if he can hlp you  in any way. Ask him what he wants, if it fits then continue if not then you can destroy the spirit. If you respect them then he should respect you. If they don't then it's time to get rid of him! I have found that these spirits make great slaves, depending on there nature. Have you in the past created a talisman or amulet? In that case it maybe that spirit manifesting. Treat him as you would any other being!
I found the best way to help a spirit to pass on is to find out what is binding them to this world and help them resolve it so they may move on in peace. That failing a banishing spells will solve the problem.
just what kind of books are these that your talking about.
interesting set of books, especially coming form the Native Americas they were very intune with nature and the spirits.


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