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Just on a personal note, I have an incubus that regularly sleeps with me. I have known him about 5 years and sometimes he is the only thing that can settle me down because I am a very powerful witch and a psychic. I can't take any drugs right now so at night he comes to me a lot and I love him with my true heart! I know we are an eternal pair and I am proud of it. 

But I enjoyed this mans story as for his supposed female counterpart all she does is try to get me to not need him when he is like water to me. I hate it when articles say that he has to be with her because I have been with him many times without a female and also I have had a twosome with two men at the same time and she wasn't aournd!!!
Just sharing.

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The Feeling Of Euphoria, is one reason.

Women and girls with male incubi or other male type discarnate entities.  I would add the other tie in phenom of UFO-E.T. relations theories of such beings being of an interdimensional source seeking a way to reproduce through possession or human infant integration in the birth womb of pregnancy. Entities for sexual pleasure or companionship can become a trade of energy for protection or favors from the entity.


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