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Best show on television and internet live feeds, video channels. The Trump inauguration day and the battling sides of protests to the heavily unpopular corporate con artist slated President by over 67 million voters and the other millions that didn't participate in the 2016 elections.

The scenario with bikers promising to sacrifice their lives for their corporate despot to protect against the thousands of scapegoated groups under a Trump regime, the entertainment will be priceless.

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Russia hasnt responded thankfully to what was an act of war against an allied nation to it.

Perhaps we should wonder what the response from the US would be if say an allied nation such as Germany (as a pure example and nothing more) had suffered similar missile attacks from an adversary nation?

Those nations holding a nuclear deterrent seemingly are willing to use high tech conventional weapons  against other sovereign nations/and or covert invasion/occupation tactics before resorting to a nuclear response, ally or not, and Kim Jong Un hasnt been slow to recognise that fact, sanctions are one thing, direct military action is another.

The perverted science of Mutually Assured Destruction seemingly does have some standing in todays fast moving world, but cannot assure warfare will not break out again in a no less evil form of conventional weaponry useage.

I think we are on the very edge of WW3 with N Korea Nephele, and all sides have painted themselves into corners of a daily constricting in size room with little scope for manouvre.

We should perhaps consider the lessons of the last world war, the removal of Japan as an adversary nation would have cost the Allied forces millions of men to achieve by conventional methods ,occupation of mainland Japan would have ensured the bloodiest battles and loss of life in world war 2, so the elective choice to use the new nuclear weapons as a means to an end was undertaken to save greater loss of life.

A nasty ,hard choice for the person authorizing that action to have to take and live with, a leap into the unknown that could never be taken back once committed to.

72 years later, despite all nuclear nations `tests`, both on land, sea, and in space, no nation has used those awful weapons in anger, despite some close calls occuring, we can but hope that the decision not to use them in a response to N Koreas threats, belligerence, and failure to toe the line required by the nuclear armed nations that hold security council seats and veto`s in the United Nations is the choice taken.

By taking a non nuclear response to any actions by N Korea it is though highly likely that should ground forces have to be used against them, Allied casualties and mortalities could well occur on the scale of those that would have been suffered on an invasion of mainland Japan in the last war.

Hobsons choice, / sods law, but sitting passively, allowing N Korea to develop the long range ICBM capability that would allow millions of American/Japanese/S Korean/Australians to be sacrificed on a whim of a twitchy dictator is no longer an option.

We can but hope that IF a nuclear exchange took place in hostilities between the US and N Korea, the effects of fall out radiation on the territories and peoples of China, and Russia, would not require them through internal pressure, to protect their homelands by responding with a strike upon the nations(s) responsible.

Would we ever in reality be given advance warning that a nuclear exchange was about to take place, given the mass panic that such a warning could bring, or would it require the nation willing to use nuclear offensive as a `first strike`to ensure a situation of martial control was effectively in place to prevent such?

NKorea`s existing state of Martial control sways it in favour over the US as being the likely first strike capable nation, but we should never forget that only in history has one nation ever used nuclear weapons in warfare ,and that is the US.

As you rightly say, `Shits getting serious`.

I suggest you need to stop following the Russian line Nephele.   But then again we are face with the problem of political discussion in what was originally suppose to be a non-political space and chat for pagans. 

Yes there are dangers - but then again since when have pagans not faced dangers.  An the current military action resolution covers this action.  However I do agree that perhaps we do need to revisit that so that all Senators and House Members are on record as to what the Presidential powers to respond to a short term military situation are.  Can we at least agree on that?

  More productive for this site would be the ending of purely political posts and the establishment  of a new dedication to this site to issues and understanding of paganism.

Thank you.

Trump! Trump! Trump!!!! Seig Heil Mein Trumpster!!! There are posters of Trump with a Hitler'stache here in downtown, I need to get a pic of one to put up here. Also, Ironically , if you will permit a certain leeway with my verbiage, a wall has been painted here with Bernie Sanders as some sort of Socialist Demigod, replete with halo and rays and open piehole. I guess this represents the manifestation of Bernie as the Divine Logos of the Proletariat?

Thank you hashhashin puffinstuff -- you have pointed it out exactly as to why we need to stop these political posts --- it is going to tear the pagan community apart.  

Now I am sure that while a lot of us have strong political points of view --- is NOT the place to post them!!!

Trump has all the answers, wrong answers. I saw your pics, lol.

Trump doesn't know what the fuck he's doing.

It's bad enough that he only knows "attack" as a response, it's worse that when innocent people get killed in short-sighted, unapproved attacks, he refuses to take responsibility.

I Won't Say His Name , But Thanks To

The Master Jedi

Yaddah Yaddah Yoda !

You ever note POTUS' ID , anagrams to O STUPID ?

Just sayin'...

No, I've never had delusion.

Post 100 days of Cheetolini and the Ivanka Jared Kushner shadow regime over Americans. No need for a new discussion thread, 100 days and the planet on TV ratings baited breath on where and when nuclear conflict detonated by Cheetolini and collaborators will take place.



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