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So, there has been a bunch of undercovered videos by Project Vertas to show that CNN has been outright lying to their audience about Trump and Russia.  Which they don't view Trump as a Conversative, which I could've told you that.   Traditional conservatives are against gay marriage. Anybody who watched many of his speeches knows that Trump is pro-gay marriage, and pro-LGBT.  Many of the people who voted for him, were Not traditional conservatives but Center-right voters. (Center right, as in, people who have left wing view points such as a strong support for the LGBT community, but believe in capitalism.)  Video footage where they said that Russia is a big "nothing burger" and that it's ALL about ratings.  And that their audience is full of radical liberals #NotAll.   And outright lying to their audience by omission or what's also known as "selective editing."

I'm bringing this up because there have been PS comments earlier this year on, "Trump is a puppet of Putin."  All while being the media's little puppet.  We political youtubers been known for months that the media didn't really have shit.  But people have a strong political bias, which could be described as "Political Narcissism."   Tho, people talked shit about SIN JONES for being a self-admitted narcissist, and looked down on SIN.  I have no problem with SIN.  She's cool and is the best debator on PaganSpace.  SIN has been the most challenging person that I've ever debated with. She actually knows the rules of debate.

If leftists actually bothered to watch raw footages and to look at the story from multiple angles, then leftists would sound less gullible. I mean, CNN could tell the left that the sun is black and the left would automatically believe it.  CNN could tell leftists that SIN JONES is a fundimentalist Christian and people would automatically believe it.  Instead of getting both sides of the story, because selective editing exists esp. when you consider the NDAA legalizes the use of propaganda on the American people.

It's not illegal to lie to you.  But it's so cute and adorable that the media's little puppet is going to go around and call Trump "Putin's puppet."  Unless there's hard evidence, which CNN in admitted in undercovered videos that there is no evidence, then all Trump really engaged in could be described as cheap flattery.  If one candidate is smart enough to flatter another country on TV, and another candidate is dumb enough to threaten war with another country; and that other country goes for cheap flattery, then it's Hillary's fault that she's lost b/c she played a stupid game.  People didn't vote Hillary b/c she just wasn't likeable.  There are even Jill Stein voters who strongly hate her.  People have even had a man read her lines.  and people found that the man reading her lines was equally unlikeable. Her biggest argument of why people should vote for her was to put the first woman in the White House.  At LEAST Trump, as dumb as he is, had at LEAST enough common sense to bring up jobs constantly. Things that people actually care about.

And before you even THINK of going, "Well, I don't even watch CNN. I get my sources from another left wing outlet." Project Veritas is going to go after them, too.  Exposing how all they do is lie to their audience.  Why do you think people say "Watch the complete raw footage"?

"But I get my info from John Oliver."

John Oliver engages in a property tax scam.

And he works for HBO which gave the Clinton Foundation huge donations.

"Well, you're just love Trump."

I hated both candidates, actually.  I just put a lot of research into both and hated Clinton more.  But some people choose to lie about me.  Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils. Is not liking a candidate. It's preferring one candidate over another.  People who thought Hillary was the lesser of 2 evils. Are people who never bothered reading Wikileaks or watching Project Veritas.  People didn't bother watching Clinton Cash.  Or reading old articles on how ways the Clintons actually hurt the black community.

Project Veritas. The videos mentioned in this thread.

In the end, you would know more if you weren't such a political narcissist #NotAll and got BOTH sides of the story. It wouldn't kill you to watch raw footages and come to your own conclusions, instead of going, "Honestly, Fiona.  Another youtube video."  Hell, it's a raw footage.

And these lies have consequences, yet, ANOTHER CELEBRITY & wife beater wants to talk about killing Trump.

"But Fiona, that's a joke."

But what's not a joke is all the Dem (which have gone insane, which is why I left the party. No other reason.)  Who legit want other people dead. Only to act all holier-than-thou.  I'm sorry, but I don't care for a bunch of people celebrating the death of others to lecture me about morality #NotAll

YouTube audio of a Dem saying he's glad that Steve Scalise got shot
Fox News version:
CNN version:

What he "taken out of context"? Idk. But I do know, that I don't wish for anybody's death.  I just wish that people would get their hateful karma returned to them.  I'm not an angry person.  But I do speak the truth.  If my karma got returned to me, I got nothing to worry about.  If leftists got their karma returned to them and got their hatred and vitriol sent back to them karmically would they be happy? Would you be happy if you got your wishes to Trump and Republicans returned back to you? 

And here's another reason why leftist rhetoric is so important incl rhetoric I've seen on paganspace convinced that Trump is literally Hitler.

Tho, if it makes you feel any better. Hitler is German. Only natural born citizens could run for US president. If Trump was literally Hitler, then he's not a naturally born citizen of the USA.  Therefore, he could not legally run for president.  Also Adolf Hitler was born 1889, so no need to worry. He'll die any time out of old age.  Tho, I really wish I knew the secret to his longetivity.  and his plastic surgeon is AMAZING.  Other than that, even if Y-O-U don't intend to kill Trump.  Doesn't mean there aren't lurkers here who don't take your comments seriously when you say horrible things about Trump and his supporters.  Things probably would've been different if people changed their rhetoric from "all Trump supporters are racist" to "I think all Trump supporters made a bad decision, and I heavily disagree with their voting choices. But I can't say that they're all bad people." 

But b/c you don't/won't watch what you say, it's why left wing extremism is on the rise:

If you want to hear more from another Pagan youtuber.  Then a Pagan YouTuber that I would recommend is Styxhexenhammer666.  I find him honest, trustworthy, and he has amazing foresight.  He accurately predicted both the winner of the American election.  And he accurately predicted that Le Pen would lose.  His ability to predict things is AMAZING.

So here's some advice that keeps getting ignored.  Watch the raw footage.  Make friends with the other side (to know what they know.) Look at the story from multiple angles. Try giving political youtubers like Styxhexenhammer666 a chance.  They're not bought.  Because even tho I constantly criticise the left.  I have quite a few feminist friends and I sit down and I have a dialectic with them.  We know that we won't agree, but we try to learn from each other b/c we don't care to demonize each other.  We just care about the truth.  But my feminist friends aren't stuck up, and snooty, and act like holier-than-thou, narcissistic, know-it-alls, which unfortunately, I have seen on paganspace. 
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Achieving a hermetic balance between the poles of duality is to walk the razors edge between realities...

It is usually not an easy walk, and can be a very lonely one.  Most will not choose it, and will call those who do "fence straddlers" or much worse.

You must be of three minds.  One in each of the dual poles, and then the mind that stands between.  Only the path that walks the line may pass through the doorway. Those who live in one side or the other, cannot even see the door, and at best just walk into the columns and bump their heads.

The political life of humanity has always fought and thrashed around, and tried to take advantage of each side through all known history... and I suspect much longer.

We get so tied up in "What does this mean for me?" we forget to ask "What does this mean?".

This explains why Trump won, and who voted for him -

Welcome to

After seeing Buzz Aldrin's face while Trump is speaking ,

I would vote for him as President...absolutely classic...

and pretty much how many of us feel listening to him...

He tries so hard to fake wanting to be there , standing

next to Trump...he really would rather be on the moon...;)

excuse me while i puke while trump spews bs. 

Buzz Aldrin was probably uncomfortable by the sheer number of shape-shifted alien infiltrators present in the room; he looks as if someone ran sand paper across his pee hole.

"uncomfortable by the sheer number of shape-shifted alien infiltrators present in the room; he looks as if someone ran sand paper across his pee hole."

I agree, this is gospel to me.
All Hail peehole rubbing shape shifting alien overlords!!!!!
Hail thine most holy pee hole rubbiness!!÷!!=?

This was, literally, what I thought; the child was being moved by different people during the same disaster.

Always remember in any political situation ,

the ayes have it...unless you have the eyes


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