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So recently, Rachel made an arse over herself worrying about Trump's taxes.  Something that his voters never really cared about in the first place.  Just for it to turn out that in 2005, he spent 38 million in taxes.  Which means that 4chan actually was correct.  It was rumored on 4chan that Trump actually spends more on taxes than his Democratic counterparts.  and it left her to be ridiculed even by CNN. 

CNN's mockery here:

It's something that people heavily anti-Trump blindly put on their focus on, just Trump supporters to spend all their time laughing their arses off because this incident, esp. since it was something that they were never worried about or concerned about in the beginning.  One thing I'm curious about is why did Trump say in multiple debates that he absolutely never pays his taxes?  It could be because he never intended to become president and he was hoping to lose to Hillary.  Or he could just be playing the media as he knows that the media is after him, and subsequently people who blindly take everything the media says as gospel.  and so should the truth come out, it would just leave the media.  and all the SJWs who made such a big deal about it.  To make fools of themselves.   Something that SJWs love doing.  Like with Milo Y taking advantage of all the hatred he gets to make himself more popular.  Even with warnings from all sides that Milo is just baiting them to get more popular.  Not a hard thing to do.   Being hated by the right people is a great way to promote yourself.  Especially since there are people who have no sort of self-control and use any excuse to attack.   They keep rationalizing to themselves reasons why they should attack you.  So, it's easy to talk about it in a youtube video and makes lots of money off them.   You don't even need to name names.  People ranging from moderates, left wing malcontents, right wingers, all view left wing extremists as acting like Westboro Baptist Church.  Ad hominem attacks, faulty reasoning, mean-spirited, hateful, vindictive, using any excuse to attack you.  I don't need to name names to be believed and make extra money off my haters.  So, when people want to attack me, thanks; to quote SIN JONES "Viva La Capitalism."  And trust me, never feels better than thanking your enemies for all the extra money that they added to your pockets.   The media and left wing extremists would be much better off to learn to think before acting, instead of rationalizing their lack of emotional self-control.  and their Abrahamic God-like need to destroy people they have a problem with.  But just like the God of Abraham in the holy bible. They just need to destroy Trump.  Destroy Milo.  Destroy whomever.  Even with warnings from The Young Turks who go, "Let these people self destruct.  Don't do anything and wait."  Unfortunately, The Young Turks received a bunch of downvotes for solid advice.  Just for Milo to self-destruct by shitting on pedophile victims.   and for left wing extremists to seem further like Westboro Baptist Church. 

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Actually his supporters never cared about anything but getting him in the White House.

That he was a liar, a con man, a racist, a misogynist, a man charged with rape of a minor, that he has 300 lawsuits awaiting him, that he had to settle out of court on his Trump University lawsuit, accused of fraud, that he was ignorant of economics, foreign policy, the history of the US and the Constitution and how it applies, and that he lost every single debate because of ignorance and then failed to correct his ignorance for the next debate and that he claimed to not pay taxes and implied anyone who did pay taxes was dumb, didn't matter to his supporters at all.

It does matter to others though.

He released SOME of his 2005 tax records.  I'd like to see ALL of his tax records.  How many did Clinton release?  Something like 30 years worth?

Waiting for Trump to do the same.

"He released SOME of his 2005 tax records."

Talk about selective filtering.

Who do you trust? Trump, or the media storm that daily hounds his presidency? Personally, I trust neither.

Who do you trust? Trump, or the media storm that daily hounds his presidency? Personally, I trust neither.

Between the two?  The media.  Absolutely.  Why?  Cause I can fact check them and often, they're correct.  Trump is never correct.

Didn't you learn this in the campaign?

"Didn't you learn this in the campaign?"

The only thing I've learned from ANY campaign is not to believe the candidates or the media.

Enigma - what I learned was that Trump was not only a liar, he was a pathological one.  Something like 92% of what came out of his mouth was a falsehood.

So, yeah, I'd trust the media before I'd trust him.

The thing I don't like about her presentations is that she really believes she's an objective journalist.  She's not.  She should just go into talk radio because most of her rants are nothing more than opinion pieces.

"...Trump supporters are crowing..."

Actually, I dislike many, not all, Trump supporters more than I dislike Trump.

I've always been more concerned about Trump's policies. I don't believe anything will be discovered in any of his tax filings worthy of a raised eyebrow.


I've always been more concerned about Trump's policies. I don't believe anything will be discovered in any of his tax filings worthy of a raised eyebrow.

I'm concerned with both.  So I'd like to see ALL of his tax records.

Do you think Trump is honest?
I'd suggest that everyone will protect their own self interest. He has money to hire the best tax attorneys, accountants and has a traceable history of lying.


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