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I have had a few friends explain to me I should look inward for more knowledge. I remember one day I started looking in myself, but the feeling went away as quickly as it came. I tried attempting it again last night as I laid down for bed. I couldn't really get the feeling of looking inward. It was hard because the crickets chirping like crazy caused me to lose focus. :/

I am afraid I will never get this. :(

Is there any specific technique for looking into ones self. Or do I just focus inward long enough to get something revealed to me??

I really need some advice.

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It's entirely possible to 'look inward' while taking a walk by yourself in the park, woods, or anywhere in nature. I often do so while working in the garden. Meditation is great and I do recommend it, but there are ways to reach a meditative state that do not leave you susceptible to cricket distractions. LOL! (or my personal favorite, the sound of your pulse in your ears...EISH!) Try meditating to the sound of a metronome set at 60bpms, the same as the human heartbeat. Or try meditational music, or binaural beat recordings. Don't WILL 'get it' just have to find what feels natural and best for you.

OH! and btw...with practice it DOES get easier, better, and you reach that state more quickly.

I have used isochronic tones for opening up my chakras.  When I first started meditating months ago I use to focus without being distracted. Now it is like the littlest things can distract me. I will have to learn to focus better. I am starting to meditate at night when I can. During the day there is so much noise that I find it hard to even focus for a few minutes.

You may soon be able to take psilocybin mushrooms, prescribed by a psychiatrist, to do just that.

No experience can be as introspective, I've been told.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I never use mushrooms. I know some people prefer them. I never touched them at all. :)

Shrooms? Hell yeah!
1.) You'd never reach that level of introspection sober.

2.) Science says it's good for you, it is all natural, and the most fun you can possibly have.

3.) The purpose of the trained psychiatrist is to prevent a "too intense" trip with proper dosage, and to guide you, ensuring you only have a positive experience.

I don't feel anymore introspective on psilocybin, never net anyone else who doesn't, apparently I'm always the maximum level of introspection.

Shamans, medicine men, and tribal mystics of all kinds have used them from the beginning of time... just because the society of the modern age has outlawed them in an effort to control free will is no reason not to take advantage of what Mother Earth provides...

I have been opening my chakras more, and they are all open. My guide is being hard-headed and has not said nothing to me. When a few friends mentioned looking within the self for answers my higher consciousness will reveal to me. Just thinking about it makes it feel awkward to me. It is similar how I use to always think about the universe and how infinite it is, and I would just be lost on that thought for so long I get a headache.

Once I get better focus and see how I can look within myself. Hopefully I can make it simpler, but now I just feel awkward. Probably because I am not that use to looking to myself for all the answers.

Oh crickets love those things. There rhythmic chirp, chirp is an awesome way to sink into focused thought. I simply just concentrate on their sound and before ya know it your floating off to the center of your mind. Only problem is hanging on to the question I want an answer to.

That was my first thought as well...

Semantics is a slippery fish.  When you say "look inside myself," EXACTLY what do you mean? If you are looking for guidance from your higher self and power there are many ways to do this other than laying in  your bed (I also do NOT recommend drugs.)

One excellent way is to journal a new world.  Create a fantasy for your eyes only wherein you simply allow characters in this "story" to grow and act organically.  It is a wonderful technique that does not require meditation, great concentration skills or any training at all.  Just sit with your paper and pen and start writing the first thing that comes to mind.  The key here: do not censor or edit yourself!!!  Just let it all flow.  Once in your "new" world you can ask whatever questions you like.

When looking within myself. I am meaning looking within myself consulting my higher consciousness. To where I can learn more about who I truly am, what advice should I go off of in my everyday life, what steps to take next in my spiritual journey. Questions like that I feel I need answered within my higher consciousness.


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