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I have had a few friends explain to me I should look inward for more knowledge. I remember one day I started looking in myself, but the feeling went away as quickly as it came. I tried attempting it again last night as I laid down for bed. I couldn't really get the feeling of looking inward. It was hard because the crickets chirping like crazy caused me to lose focus. :/

I am afraid I will never get this. :(

Is there any specific technique for looking into ones self. Or do I just focus inward long enough to get something revealed to me??

I really need some advice.

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Consulting your higher power, your true, greater self is a little like getting to know a new friend.  You need to form a habit of looking for that inner guidance everyday.  Like a muscle your ability to pick up on the cues and signs of that Spirit guidance will grow stronger and keener the more you use it.  Sometimes the guidance you receive will be faint, subtle.  You will probably imagine it is just your imagination. With practice, however, you will become more sensitive to its leading.

Finally, some people find that certain tools are helpful like Tarot cards, for example.  There are many other choices as well.  To be clear on this though, you don't NEED tools or anything outside of yourself but some people find some sort of oracle to be helpful.

I hope this is somewhat helpful. :-)

Good thing you said Tarot cards I have The Golden Tarot deck. I am getting pretty good at readings. I did a few yesterday but do not want to overdue doing too many. I felt kind of drained after yesterday. With my recent reading into The Kybalion which someone recommended to me after I read a good bit of the Emerald Tablet. My spirit can link together information I would not just link together myself unless my guide helped me along.

I really hope to at least look within my spirit to find even more answers that I can have right then and there without any help from outside sources.

Is it possible you're trying too hard?... when I first started on my spiritual path as a consciously aware gig... I had a lot of difficult in the same manner as yourself... I was thinking too much... you need to just let it happen... if something "distracts" you, let that distraction flow into and through you... let you mind go where it will and once you get the feel for that, then you can step up in small increments trying to do work on yourself, or ask whatever questions you think you need an answer to, etc... but first find that drift, that flow... like water...

In truth there's a key... water helps tremendously, soak in a tub, stand in a shower with the nozzle pounding on your head... or stand outside in a rainstorm... water is a great spiritual conductor...  

I am more than likely trying too hard. I have been known to think too hard on something ( to the point of having head aches.) When people explain something they see as simple. It is something I never did before, and that is when I see it as a long treacherous path. I am trying my best to not doubt myself  or second guess myself. It feels as if I am getting in my own way.

To me, "inner" guidance comes from my outer world. Over the past 40+ years, I've tried all the standard techniques to reach within my soul for a more refined awareness--with varying levels of success--but what I've come to understand is not what I expected in the beginning. I thought it was going to be difficult, but it's the easiest thing in the world. There is no Inner Me sitting cross-legged in the deep recesses of my highest consciousness waiting patiently to bestow wisdom upon my spiritually occluded Self.
It is really a matter of allowing my perceptions to include more of my peripheral reality, in an anticipatory sense. The clues for successful choices are usually perceived indirectly. I allow random Serendipity to bias my choices, with faith that the gravity of my uber-consciousness attracts what I need at any moment. The more frequently I aim to recognize this, the better my reality becomes.

Most of psychism and meditation are related to relaxing. Daydreaming about "Who are you " " What do you really want to do with your life" etc. etc.  To hear you must be quiet. Stop talking to yourself and start listening.

Uhh I was not even considering in hallucinogens. Some say to use Astral Projection but I never got to that point. I use meditation and my chakras are open most of the time. Besides there are too many methods used for Astral Projection.


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