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Being a medium and also been dead twice I have a special bond with the veil to the other side. My question is have anybody else been feeling unbalanced or a stronger connection coming from the Veil

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"anybody else been feeling unbalanced or a stronger connection coming from the Veil"

I don't know what to call it, the veil, the void, the astral plane, but I have been feeling a stronger connection.

Seems like the fewer people I interact with has an influence. It's been good for me though.

It's not that it hasn't been good for me it's just been a little unsettling things are getting out. people that shouldn't be able to sense things Are. i think someone something or a group is attentionally messing with it

" i think someone something or a group is attentionally messing with it"

This is very possible. There are people and groups that wish power and control. Strong enough intentions can cause chaos and change.

Chaos is change. I understand what you are saying.
We have a lot of Ley lines around here as well

Those ley lines will have a big effect. Location, location, location,...


This incoming Eclipse on the 11th has widened the Veil with some extraordinary Energies.
We just recently passed through what many are calling the 'Lion Gates' (08-08), are now experiencing the Pleiades in an early, pre-shower activity - something that was not expected by all accounts, and we have about 8 planets all stepping back - waiting - watching...

Visions (for many) seem to be resulting in deep flows encountering the Netherworld in an almost frenzy of activity - in some, it is like a major 'city' repair is underway.
Huge Feasts are laid out - sheer walls are presented for means to access, and (what can best be described) 'Ritual Marriages' being undertaken......

The 11th August Energy (with the Solar Eclipse) is connecting to the Scorpion and Crocodile.....aspects of what can best described as 'Ancient Plague' mass graves...and a volley of Sea Captains....

In an old Script it references to this Energy as that

Mercury is posited in the North angle of the Fourth House; the Dragon's tail is likewise within it; and as Sol is the significator’..

There is a tied connection on the 11th between the Egyptian and African Energy - the two are moving side by side like a wall with a Passageway between. Both are connecting to the Water - and alignments...the Egyptian with Sirius and the Nile Floods...the African with the Sea...

Weather severity is also involved - the Extreme of Fire on one side and the Extreme of Water of the other side!

The Sea aspect is drawing the attention of Olukun, who is All-Knowing, S/He is the Keeper of Wisdom and Divination, the Keeper of Secrets, and works VERY closely with Oya (Graveyards and Cemetery)… well as Egungun (Collective Ancestor/Spirits)..
Guidelines are that One only approaches Olukun if you want to be cleaned of pain - Olukun hears the prayers and takes the pain to the depths of its watery realm and recycles the pain into Future opportunities.  

Olukun as the Orisa ‘King’ of the ighe-ede (= cross-roads or junctions), overlaps the functions of the Yoruba Orisa named Olori Merin (Lord of the Four Heads). 

Olori-merin, was a Four-headed Orisa with the legs and feet of a Goat, who watched the Four points of the compass from the top of a mound marking the four quarters. This is the kind of way-finding that at Sea returns the Sailor home….

It is surely significant that the Wind-Rose is basically a sailor’s device – which is also under the domain of Olukun.

                                                     Wind-Rose depicting Hare in Center c1600     

                                                        Wind/Sun Rose – Sun Dial Compass 18th c

The Yoruba/Ifa mode of Divination of 16 palm-nuts has been related to the 16-point Wind-Rose.

The details for the 11th August become intricate and involved - the 'Bird' of Olukun is that of a 'Fish Eagle' - his symbol of the Four Birds – one in each corner is also represented by a Two-headed Dragon, which is very indicative of the Egyptian -– Four Baboons and/or Four Lion/Ram heads….

The Four Winds are also seen as a Lion with Four heads  - the 'Lion's Gate' ...

Numbers 7 & 5 of the Odu (Divination) speaks of what is being related - we find similar actions with the Egyptian end, concerning the constellation (Plough/Ladle) -

In Egyptian beliefs - the Ladle is known as ı'kr - the image of the Crocodile. “The Plunderer” crowned with the Feather of Maat which is intimately related to the Vibrational Frequencies of the Number Seven.

The Seven Spirits, or Genii, who are stationed behind the constellation of Ursa Major in the Northern Heaven, are also called the Crocodiles
The Crocodile was one form of the old Genitrix, and the Eight Crocodiles represent 'Her - Great Mother' and her Seven-fold progeny Khuti,

Crocodile/Alligator/Cayman Feet:

The same Crocodile can be linked with Uncle Monday who is considered to be a powerful Ancestral Spirit that persists in Southern Hoodoo lore. Uncle Monday is said to have been a medicine man of the Shape-shifting variety, and is the Keeper of Ancient Wisdom.

The Crocodile is representative in some avenues of the Occult as that of Saturn as the “Darkened Sun” – Black Sun....Dark Moon Solar Eclipse - as is to be seen on the 11th August.

Remember the above first part - Mercury and the NORTH ANGLE..FOURTH HOUSE....Dragon's Tail......there are two Manuscripts that speak of this:>

Dragon's Tail:
Centiloquium of Hermes  Trismegistus (1262):
"The North Node with the infortunes denotes terrible mischiefs, for he increases their malice; but with the fortunes he works good, and augments their benignity. But the significations of the Dragon's tail are to be noted the contrary way."

Guido Bonatti (1296-1300 CE).
Indeed its Tail is naturally malefic, and of a feminine nature, and nocturnal; but if by accident it sometimes becomes a benefic. And its nature is composed of the nature of Saturn and Mars. And it signifies decrease, namely dejection and a fall and poverty, and the decrease of every good thing and every fortune.”

In Spring the Moon's path crosses that of the Sun at the ‘Head of the Dragon', whilst the Autumnal point is the ‘Tail'....the 11th August Dark Moon is making that crossing..

This again draws in the Egyptian aspect - the relationship of the Flooding of the Nile - Sirius Rising and the Egyptian New Year all collide on the 11th of August -

The Crocodile in the attributes of the Moon was titled with Horus as "Crocodile-headed Horus". Sobek (Crocodile) was credited for catching the Four sons of Horus in a net as they emerged from the Waters of the Nile in a Lotus blossom.  (Horus being the Sun over the Moon...(as in Eclipse).)  

The Crocodile represents Sobek - and under the Cosmic Ma'at they are the actions of Saturn...but Sobek is also the HIDDEN side of Mercury - Sebku.- which corresponds to information derived from earthly experiences (from outside of our self, as opposed to the Spiritually intuited Wisdom).

At the same time we are reminder also of Ammit "devourer" or "Soul-eater" - a body that was part Crocodile (Head), Lion (Body), and Hippopotamus (Tail) - concept of Truth, Balance, and Order.

From the name of the Lion constellation, “the Divine Lion (Sun) who is between Them”, there may have been several adjacent Crocodile constellations. These constellations were known to all the Tribes of the North, and it was a common custom for the people scattered over Europe, Asia and Africa to recognize.

The month of Water (Waters of Inundation) begins with the Lion and ends with the Scorpion in Egyptian Calendars, and this coincides with the Entrance of the Sun moving to Balance.

There is another Text that mentions..: "Behind the tiller (of a SHIP)] the Dragon's Tail rose up, covered with Golden Gilding.."
Another aspect is that as written from information on an Almanac made in 1389 - England:>
Sol in Scorpione.

This worme hat scorpion–addur byhynde, byfore dragon;byfore and byhynde, enyme; so is the sonne in this tyme.

(This Worm that SCORPION (Scorpion- Adder Tail) - hides behind - before Dragon: Before and Behind, Enemy (Venom): So is the Sun in this Time).

The Scorpion is also a constant reminder that Death walks with us, and each should always remember that as individuals we are in a liminal state -- in the process of crossing a Threshold.....hence the Gate-Keeper - Guardian of the Threshold.

On the night of this Eclipse - the use of
Elestial Quartz is advised - a name also given to Crocodile Quartz, Jacare Quartz, and Skeletal Quartz, and its Power helps One to adapt to new light codes and to everything else that goes on around, on all the many levels. For those that have a connection with Source - the right energy - will have the Key to trigger the Ancient Knowledge to be released.

They are the matriarch stone, the Queen Stone, and the symbol of feminine dominion.
These crystals are best used as personal Talismans for women who are building self-confidence, and personal power. 

In aspects of the Netherworld (very much a big part of Egyptian Tradition, the same can also be said for the African side of the coin...

The power and Souls of Ancestors in Yoruba/Africa are honoured by the first sentence said in every Ceremony, as the priest calls the Spirit, saying: Mambe-Yo (I am Mambe) - which again relates to the Egyptian - that of "I AM"..

There is a sacred "point" on which a person stands to make an Oath, on the ground of the Dead and under all-seeing Divine.

= Muna munan Nzambe nganga muna Nzambe

abre cutere Tata Nzambe yeto yeto llega a insulo

hocico Congo mira insulo lengua congo llega a Nzambe

Abre munelando munanso Nzambe vensala.

= for the sign of God’s command that I have to prayed to
Open great God’s almighty blessing as we arrive at the Gates of Heaven
Congo’s mouth look at the sky, Congo speech arriving in God’s realm
God’s open door through the work of the Ritual.

More importantly is the alignment of the above in a TIME aspect - The third Solar Eclipse of the year will take place on Aug.11 Dark Moon – Saturday and will swing over the North Pole.

'Light' aka Lise

Thanks for the info

Within all things being directed by Fate some do not, its just thoughts..those which are neutral within the veil or outer offworld realms are considered insane by those back here in this realm; by their thoughts of Order & Chaoticness that is. There are many veiled worlds left hidden, kingdoms once lively are now dead and forgotten..

I must stand on my notion that it is best to purify your astral vehicle and concentrate on the mental arupa-loka planes or higher,as nothing else below these is worthy of entry for something intentionally messing with them,this is only a possibly in your own mind, and its a sign of a internal blockage within yourself that needs healing for you to be sensing into that notion in the first place,as the astral realms cant be manipulated by outside 3D earthly energy forces at least,one can only enter the 4D & up etheric realms via light body or consciousness only...

I have had a recent Awakening in me I am stronger than I ever have been spiritually more connected. With this have came a Detachment from people that sell I'm leaning more towards hurts Realm like I've been called.

Ahh so your feeling into things more deeply and breaking free of chains & those who have been of no benefit to you I presume,it happens they get left behind when you are seen as weird by them,cos they are in 3D consciousness and your above that in 4D consciousness??..But lets just say finding your voice and using it,is good.. you will be a force to be reckoned with. It doesn't matter who might try to silence you - don't let them do it. The only one who gets hurt in the end if you do is you. So, refuse to allow your silence power over your voice...but in the etheric realms behind the veil your voice isnt needed in fact you have no physicality while there..only via your consciousness of your soul & within a light body,its your inner is kinda like a vehicle or merkabah also known as a ascension chariot.. it forms in many shapes depending on what planet your souls from,some are triangular others are round balls of mine is like that spinning wheel in the movie ' Contact' if you've seen it with Jodie Forster .

Image result for first contact jodie foster

Image result for the merkabah


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