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Being a medium and also been dead twice I have a special bond with the veil to the other side. My question is have anybody else been feeling unbalanced or a stronger connection coming from the Veil

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I know what you mean friend

yes there is more activity on both sides not all good....

Time differences between dream time and awake among other states. How can awareness of said states be used?

I work with the dead a lot. You have to find the balance. Working with the dead is different than working with the living. They're literally the night and day of worlds. If you become imbalanced in one, go to the other.

How many have watched Jet Li's movie ONE?

Ive been really unbalanced lately and have felt really strong powers around me especially in my math class. They seem to be coming from a fellow student but you know how spirits are they like to lay the blame on just about anyone. I really hate being in class with her though she is like ceaselessly trying to "read my mind" but generally she just makes up negative comments

Greetings  LaJah Mitchell 

Yes, I have been feeling unbalanced ever since Mabon back in September. 

I am hoping things will improve as Yule approaches.

Feeling like it's time to withdraw and isolate myself till then.

As to a stronger connection coming from the Veil, I have always felt close to the ancients, and some of them close to me. 

I understand Samhain is the pagan festival of the dead, but those I have contact with in spirit don't seem to stick to that.

I work heavily in necromancy and most of the work I do is dark. You may feel unbalanced after working with anything dark or from the other side. Logically, a little light magick work would help you feel more balanced but doesn't always work. I use chaos and dark magick daily, but I am also a healer. Whenever I feel unbalanced I provide healing or protection work for others and it seems to balance me out. Just a suggestion.


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