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So, I wish to state firstly that I come from a perspective which hovers above what I would consider to be the common approaches to metaphysics and spirituality on Earth. I try to step behind the specific rituals and myths encompassed by any particular culture or practice. From the vantage point which I use, the finer details of mythology and divinity which have been passed down through the ages to us are, if you'll excuse the analogy, like Lego sets sold in stores. They come with instructions and follow standard themes, but the pieces which make them up are capable of being taken on their own and rebuilt into new creations. My endeavor is to understand and know these building-blocks, as well as to create new models with them which are functional and representative. It is thusly that I believe the secrets of the universe may be uncovered.

So to start... What are these building-blocks like? In modern Science, the building blocks presented are found in such categories as particles and numerical principles. Higher levels are constructed from these. Now, modern physics is cool and all but, in my view, covers an amazingly small scope of that which is. What if these building blocks were such things as "truth", "reality", "time", "chaos", "order"? Imagine a space in which concepts like these have properties and consistent interactive natures. Not just in some form of philosophical consideration space; imagine these components like the parts of a finite mechanism, the flexibility and variation in the reality we perceive originating from the myriad of ways they can connect and interact. These mechanical bases, then, are in a hidden dimension and as concrete as anything else in their own space.

A more pagan-based example in this might be the Runes. Like Legos and the building-blocks I describe, they are a complete set of parts which together, in varying configurations, may describe anything in That Which Is. From what I can tell, whereas collections of base concepts such as "order", "chaos", and "reality" stem from the inner-most depths of the universe and are moreover bereft of cultural specificity, the Runes are components which embody building-blocks suited to construct the Universe from a Norse-cosmic perspective/origin, and are very complex (as well as quite mysetrious) in nature. Think of the difference between these systems as the difference between building a sculpture of art using perfect spheres, entirely essential and unvariated in nature, versus using riverbed stones which have been individually sculpted over time by the currents of the stream they come from (the essential building-blocks being the former, Runes being the latter). Each approach to constructing the Universe has its pros and cons depending on the context of their employment.

And so, a primary life objective of mine is both to find these essential components and to discover how the various ways the Universe connects them has led to the material and immaterial manifestations of the All. Before rambling further about these things, I would like to hear relevant thoughts, opinions, and ideas which may be out there.

~Draco Astreus

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Star = 270... That one is nice. 3*3*3
The other numbers don't mean much, to me..

Detail away, Mr. Blackwolf!

Stavros, that's a fine analogy you've written up... However I'm afraid I am a bit lost in its length. What does your analogy communicate?

Fascinating. The technique reminds me of my approach. Taking the known base elements and representing all their various possible combinations and the resulting properties. 8) I insist that the mysteries of the universe are discoverable in such ways.

There's a wonderful intelligence to the unconscious. It's always smarter than we are


In what way would you say it is smarter?

Going from One realm to another at will, requires certain 'smarts'


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