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When I find the Paris & Seoul articles I will post. Some one posted

something about apartment growing in their buildings.

 This is about hydroponics, for growing fresh food, not necessarily the other; besides

it is going to be used in space where space is limited.

Interestingly they have hydroponic systems set up in disused parts of London underground. 

Farming in the future will be done via hydroponics in skyscrapers. It will be used to minimise the risks associated with pests and diseases for heightened food security as well as benefit climates where farming may otherwise be difficult. It will also be used to free up greenspace for more building developments as well as critical nature reserves and recreational grounds. 

The future is green! 

"minimise the risks associated with pests" My father showed me how certain flowers

planted buy the garden keep the pests away. Seen anything on the 'why'.

Complimentary planting, look that up :)

Okie Dokie will do

Or companion planting rather. Making a correction there. 


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