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Using Rock Salt around outside of the house for protection and rid of negative vibes

I have heard of using rock salt or possibly table salt going around the outside of the house in a clockwise direction as added protection from negative and unwanted spirits, etc. Has anyone heard of doing this? Appreciate the input. Thanks, Zandra


As you can see I have a lot of negative vibes that seems to be lingering around my home and I want to get rid of them.

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Sea Salt is better than table salt. Also remember, salt will kill the plant-life.
Salt does have a ton of lore about it and is great for protection and warding off demons. I've never sprinkled salt around outside my home though because I dont want to kill the land. There are other methods of protecting your home and keeping it happy that wont kill your yard. I was taught to either place little saucers of salt or, to sprinkle it by windowsills and doorways and to sprinkle rosemary by them as well to keep evil out. Bells are also good to have around (especially silver or iron bells) that you can hang by a breezy window, the sounds of bells have been used for a long time to cleanse a space. Also they can be good indicators like if a bell chimes for no apparent reason means it would be a good time for further protection and cleansing methods. If you want to make a charm for a happy home, fill a jar with dried motherwort and surround it with pictures of your family.


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