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Are Vampires real? I think there are vampires around.there not what u see on tv or in most books but infact they are energy thives. they feed off our life energys.have u every been around some one that just seem to drain u dry and u dont feel like doing any thing any more. I beleve that is vampire.

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there are two kinds of vampire, physical and spiritual, physical is caused by a kind of demonic possession, they are very secretive, they do not sparkle but look like regular people, no I'm not talking about the vampire cult, I'm talking about real vampires.

spiritual can be induced or willing. basically you draw voluntarily or involuntarily spiritual energies form the world around you, not normally humans, but plants animals and directly from the earth.

personal experience with them. you are most likely getting your information from vampire cults, people who love vampires so much, they create lifestyle around the concept ideas..but it's all hype. Actual vampires do not dress any differently then normal people, they can be fat, skinny, ugly, pretty ect.

They are possessed people, this kind of possession is extremely difficult to break out of, the person is kept in constant sin through drinking of blood. and is often ridiculed and feared in their community. they are usually ashamed of their condition and do not go around announcing they are vampires, hench the reason they keep to themselves.

Umm, no. While anything can have vampiric tendencies, vampires themselves have almost nothing to do with demons unless they interact with them of their own choice.

So yes I do find that they exist, and they they are rather common form of otherkin, but hardly anything special in the grand scheme of things. I've found being otherkin tends to bring people more problems then answers.

And for those that dont seem to get the otherkin thing, yes they are still in a human body and for most physical purposes there is little difference between them and other humans. This doesn't really make them special at all, even if they might think otherwise. All it means is that they are open to a whole long list of things that can fuck with their minds and bodies.

Also, vampires are not the only things that can drain energy, nearly anything that is able to work with energy can drain your energy, the difference is psy vamps need certain types of energy to sustain them, not getting these energies really fucks with their heads. now back to reading...

actually they have alot to do with the demonic. they are on the same spiritual level as necromancers, but apart of a separate demon line. once they reach a certain level of maturity in their spiritual walk they are introduced to their empowering demons. the ones they were working with the whole time but never were formally introduced to. the only ones who are not kept under a certain amount of delusion on what they are working with are inducted wizards and witches.

I finally bothered to look up what you were referring too. funny, really I'm laughing inside. I'm sooo glad you find this kind of demonic entrapment pun worthy. after all it couldn't happen to you right?

Vampires are not people possessed by a demonic entity, I'm really starting to wonder where people get their info from...

No vampires are not real.

I know people think "psychic" vampires exist, but they really don't.  

No one can "drain" your energy.  Yes, being around some people is exhausting  and at the end of the day they make you feel like falling over, but that's not them stealing your energy.  That's you getting sick of their shit and wanting to be away from them.

I've noticed a trend with your beliefs on energy transfer, namely that hexes don't work and you can't be drained of your energy. I have my own beliefs on that matter, but it interests me more whether or not you think energetic healing is possible. Namaste▲

I don't think energy healing is possible, no.

I've had a few people try it out on me, and it's just a waste of time.  Not mine, but theirs.  Because energy can't heal you.

Your statements seem slightly counter intuitive to your being a witch. Draining energy is simply another type of energy work, much the same as working magick or doing rituals. Simply taking the energy into you and keeping it instead of releasing it back with an intended purpose, or just releasing it with no purpose :/. Energy healing has its limits, specially when one works so hard to resist it. All things are energy, in one form or another. The body burns calories in order to heal itself, calories are simply a measurement of energy. next.

Are you ever positive? or always this negative?

A solid synopsis Rose. As with all things involving energy work of any kind, it is nearly impossible to provide proof of it. It would seem to me that it would be equally difficult to find proof of vampirism. Such is the way of things =).


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