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Question: Do you think Paganism supports Vegetarianism or an Omnivore diet?

There is no question that Paganism is an Earth based religion, this we can all agree on. Earth is in a constant cycle of balance, if humans were brought back to the roots of being a fellow animal we would be balanced as a predator. Now that we have risen up as a collective and generally view ourselves as being above all other living beings, we tend to get this smug view that we can stomp on and over anything lesser than us... Which includes everything. (NOTE: I say we as a generalization, not that we all fall under the "WE" demographic) So seeing as we are a Earth based religion and we view life as being balanced (Or at least working towards being balanced) wouldn't we "evolve" into vegetarians? I would imagine we all could agree that humans in our current state consume more than we give back to the Earth. That being said wouldn't the religion of Paganism as a whole turn more to the Vegetarian life style in our shift to balance life than to continue as a Omnivore society?

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Actually Paganism is a broad term that includes a plethora of religions that aren't all magik or earth based.
Which is why I used Paganism rather than saying Druidry, or Wiccan, Daoist ect. Paganism is typically viewed as an umbrella religion housing the branches of the more "defined" sects of itself.
There's also Satanism.
Yes I was thinking of Satanism when you said that. It also depends on who you are talking to about Satanism, seeing as I am and should be open minded I do not deny Satanism the category of Paganism. Yet I also believe in order to be a Satanist you also must be a Christian. I am a Druid/Pagan and do not view the idea of Heaven/Hell as a "real" part of my life/belief.

All depends on who you are talking to, which is why I personally tend to use religious terms loosely.
I would think that without Christianity there could be no Satanism
i agree and have said as much many times satan is a cristian term therfor satanist are part of the larger scope of christianity and there for not pagan
I am Satanist not christian, yes i believe in there fallen angel but we have different beliefs. its not all just flipped christian beliefs either. check my sites and book. and the book is on the last site. it is called "The Unholy Bible" but i do agree with the fact of Satanism being under paganism, because to be pagan (little "p") means to worship any god other than the christian, while as being Pagan (big "p") is to worship any other god besides Lucifer or YHVH from the bible.
...Sorry, yes there are other "sects" that may not be exactly earth based but I need to use something as a generalization here rather than list everything. Work with me here. ;)
A predator carnivore isn't likely to evolve into a vegetarian. However, it isn't beyond reason to think of an omnivore evolving into a vegetarian. Humans evolved into hunters why not evolve into the opposite?
I agree that we are predators that we do not magically turn into cows and become vegetarians. But we all can generally agree that there should be a balance to life, seeing as we (As humans) are pushing or to some have already pushed our limits to living as the reigning ruler of Earth are working against balance and not with it. So if we continue to consume as predators we continue on the same track. If we stand together and agree that things need to change to restore balance wouldn't it require humans to change?

This being said, all things in moderation is still a very good rule to live by. I completely agree that some people are and should be meat eaters while others should be vegetarians. This would balance US out, however the idea of moderation has gone well out the window seeing as we are a bit overpopulated.
I love raw fish = sushi. :D
lol.... Sorry I can't really respond to this but laugh. :)


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