Question: Do you think Paganism supports Vegetarianism or an Omnivore diet?

There is no question that Paganism is an Earth based religion, this we can all agree on. Earth is in a constant cycle of balance, if humans were brought back to the roots of being a fellow animal we would be balanced as a predator. Now that we have risen up as a collective and generally view ourselves as being above all other living beings, we tend to get this smug view that we can stomp on and over anything lesser than us... Which includes everything. (NOTE: I say we as a generalization, not that we all fall under the "WE" demographic) So seeing as we are a Earth based religion and we view life as being balanced (Or at least working towards being balanced) wouldn't we "evolve" into vegetarians? I would imagine we all could agree that humans in our current state consume more than we give back to the Earth. That being said wouldn't the religion of Paganism as a whole turn more to the Vegetarian life style in our shift to balance life than to continue as a Omnivore society?

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I would think living in tune with nature would include the hunter/prey relationship.

I tend to agree with this viewpoint, Rob. I just feel "lighter" and better not eating meat. I hate vegan-warrior types.
But you do it not because it's a "pagan" thing, but because you have other reasons; health, personal taste, etc.  Correct?

It hadn't even occurred to me. I just feel lighter and believe I'm a natural vegetarian, whatever that means.

That's most likely cognitive dissonance, Rob; many people suffer from it.


That's the odd thing - I've killed lots of animals and eaten them but I just don't feel the need to eat meat. I offer to kill my friends' chickens for them.

you mean like projecting a cutesy personality onto the animals?

I mean not being able to kill an animal but happily chomp away on the carcass and not connecting the dots (or whatever idiom you Americans use).



I'm a vegan because it just makes sense to me personally. It has nothing to do with my paganism.
So.. no butter?
No butter, m'love. I use Earth Balance, and it tastes just like butter.
It looks just like butter :-0
Yeah, that helps to stomach it. lol really is good. One thing that tastes like junk though is vegan mayonnaise...BLECH :p
I dont think that being Pagan requires any special diet. Other animals in nature eat meat... it isnt like it is not a natural thing to do. I eat meat, veggies, fruit, dairy, whatever. There is nothing wrong with it
I feel I personally could not become vegetarian, though others might. I don't see any problem with either path (being vegetarian or omnivore), but I don't quite understand why one might say that it would be better, other than on a personal level, for people to be one or another. Considering the vast quantities of food required to operate people (here, I am thinking on a global scale, though perhaps that is not what you mean), would we be able to produce enough food for everyone to eat if we were to be vegetarian? It could be argued that we currently don't produce enough food to feed everybody, but other than having a few fewer cows on this planet (since they eat so much, perhaps we should not keep as many of them?), in general animals take up less space than the same amount of calories in plant products. Similarly, it costs more to be vegetarian, and I cannot afford the extra bill, nor can I (with my high metabolism) keep myself full for long without a thrice-daily dose of protein. I know there is some protein in a vegetarian diet, but unless I am missing something, there is not enough without eating much soy. Too much soy and it acts as a pseudo-oestrogen. Wow, that was long.... Sorry!
I'm going to say no


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