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Venus Solar Eclipse 2012 Mayan\Aztec link? Excel Transit Calculator.

I caught the end of a program on the History Channel that was talking about Venus' relation to the Maya . What I got out of the last five minutes is the Maya tracked Venus really well and this may have something to do with the time when Cortez landed in Mexico and conquered the Aztecs (They picked up Astrology from the Maya). Venus eclipses or transits the Sun in pairs of eight years apart unless one is a near miss. The last eclipse happened in 2004 CE. The next eclipse is on June 06, 2012 CE. Some people say that the Mayan long count calendar will end in December 2012. Does anyone know if there is a link to the skies and the end of the Mayan Calendar? Here is a spreadsheet that can be used to calculate where Venus eclipses will occur depending on location without having to do any math. You have to have at least Excel 97 (or equivalent program) to use it. All you have to do is put in Latitude and Longitude. There is a worksheet in it that has the coordinates for several large cities. 


If anyone knows or has heard of any Astrology or Astronomy relative to this I would appreciate the input. Did the movie 2012 point to anything that is relative to this?VenusTransit2.xls


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out of all the things ive seen on history and discovery channel, ive come to my conclusion that it is indeed connected to astrology and things happening in the universe. i dont think that a bad thing will happen, its just another year. maybe a year that something amazing will happen but can we really translate something that is a dead spoken word? and what if the translation is wrong?
i would like to see philosphers word along side of mayan and linked somehow then i would be more of a believer, but hey maybe they just didnt finish the calander?!
The language is still spoken I believe at least it is still written down. There are still some People that are in the Mayan blood line. In the beginning of the 16th century the Aztecs controlled a large portion of the Mayan world. The Aztecs were easier to conquer because all the Spanish people had to do was to take out their leader in what is now Mexico City. At that time the Mayan people remaining were split up into smaller groups instead of a large one. The Spanish did record information about them on written record. I believe one of the major problems that causes differences of Historical Opinion is there were many similar but different monuments left to the sky. There are different opinions about the calendar. Like the calendar will just stop or it will start over again. The problem I am having is I do not recall such a thing that is supposed to happen at the beginning of this decade. What would really be cool if there was something related that is supposed to happen in the sky other than the normal stuff.
Oh i whatched this today and i thought that was very cool. Not sure excatly if this means something huge is gonna come on that year....but who knows maybe or maybe not.just seems like in that year alot in the universe happens wich sometimes does effect us of course.
I did not mention the part about the leader really wearing himself down and then blood letting his penis, so he can talk to his ancestors. Also they mentioned something about a Island. I did not see it all. Do you remember what that was all about? Maybe I will catch it later.
I think people infer wayyy too much about the future based on forecast positions of the stars. Tying in the relative positions to times with only 'bad' events is ridiculously presumptuous when said culture never left any specifics behind to signify what they thought would happen. Something is going to happen astrologically in 2012, no doubt. It doesn't mean the earth is going to be destroyed, altered, enter a golden age, meet aliens, make war, or will cause the birth of the Anti-Christ.
"It doesn't mean the earth is going to be destroyed, altered, enter a golden age, meet aliens, make war, or will cause the birth of the Anti-Christ." This is good for movies.
prophecies are culminating in our time... man's consciousness is awakening and being dulled at the same time... genocide in the name of progress has been the mortal sin of man in history... the cause behind it will be world peace.... much like the Mayans and Aztecs would sacrifice to the winged serpent.. (Venus) and much like the NWO orchestrated 911 when Venus was in transition...
I am just waiting. I really want for something dramatic. Like when the Vulcans from Startrek would first meet a planet's population and say they were ready to join the interstellar travel community! Or maybe some Chinese guy will kill all of the bank records of the WORLD! Something anything to change the downward spiral of humanity.

I'm ready.....aliens....downfall of the banks........Zombies.......tilit the a wormhole......bring it on!
lol right on!
I think that it would be impossible for the planet to host the only life in the Universe. Maybe they will find something on Mars in our life time.
They've already found life on Mars.
I loooove this type of conversation, and have been having a lot of ispiring thoughts about astrology/astronomy lately - I love the astro news.

But i don't think I get where you are goint with this, what the question is.

It does remind me of a girl who introduced me to mayan astology, and it seemed cool. I'm a planetary white dog, myself. And so was she, but she was real into it and had never met another one before.
Seems like there were hundreds of combinations of what you could be, based on your birthdate. I think it was Mayan, anyway.


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