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It's all in the name of good therapy, folks. Here, let's start with this one:

OMG! Those stingy snotbox party poopers at the record company took the Hamster Dance video away! THEY SUCK!

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I love the hamster dance... I am trying to think of a reason to go outside because it's nice here but thta was worth looking at. I think I might walk to the bar even though I have beer in the fridge. Thanks for trying to make us laugh. That was nice of you.
Lol, that's cute, nice tune too :P
I checked out your page and liked it as you are very interesting. Since I don't know what a cyber troll is, I decided not to leave a comment since I don't want to troll you.Have a lovely funny day.
You don't sound at all like a troll, dear. Friendly comments like yours, and questions and visits from good people are always welcome at my hearth. Thank you for your kindness. Be well and stop by anytime. Blessed be.
..and since you think the Hamster Dance was so cute, I dare you to try this one LOL!:

That was awsom I love the gummy bare song
awwwa they are soo cute !!
I like the one in the tutu .. :0}
thank you for posting !!!
That was too cute thanks LOL
Funny! I am happy!
SWEET! I was hoping I wasn't the only one willing and able to contribute doofy stuff.

This isn't directed toward you, per se, I just like to dance and sing to it like a spas! :)


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