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It's all in the name of good therapy, folks. Here, let's start with this one:

OMG! Those stingy snotbox party poopers at the record company took the Hamster Dance video away! THEY SUCK!

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Ahhahahahaa.. Sweet. *Dances Spastically to The Lime & The Coconut*

This is my new happy dance
That's great! He dances well, and looks good enough to eat!
That's my son!!! He's always making up dances and being silly.

He is cute. Must be the good genes.
Ok, and can I just say EarthBaby does not even sort of look old enough to be the mama of that young man? *means you're doin' sumpin right, girl.*

' />

easy enough to get this song stuck in your head, lol
This is darling!!!! Thank you, I needed the pick me up!!! Getting ready to clean, so needed the music to make me move!!
Mark Morrison - Return of The Mack (Love to dance to this

Trapt - Headstrong (Another one that's good for kickboxing or dancing

Not so funny, I guess...but I love this song and the video with it makes it even better.


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