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 I had a vivid dream where i was staying at a motel and found  two human skulls on my doorstep. A nice Cuerandero(?) did a ritual to help me figure out what they was about and it turned out they were some kind of voodoo spells placed on me. I didn't watch anything scary and I didn't eat heavily before bed. Any thoughts?

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Well firstly, did you have an ominous feel from the skulls themselves? Second, was the implication/wording "Vodou/Voodoo" made very clear and not just subconscious message?

Plenty sympathetic magic as the dream you describe can help rather than hurt.

"help rather than hurt."

I agree with thee.

It is interesting from my Tradition , that a dream of

finding two human skulls by a door can mean one of

two very different things :

1. Protection

2. Possession

So , I , like Mivi , would be interested in your impression

of intent , regarding the skulls...

Further , are you going to be traveling somewhere other

than *normal* soon ?

So why did the spell have to be negative?

My impression was that I was little creeped ou tbut not scared. inside the skulls, after the guy did the ritual, were three little scraps of paperwith crude drawings of monsters or spirits attackinf what I suppose must have been me ( or some other human)

I always have a curious fascination bout this kind of thing, because I have heard it so many times, there never seems to be any end to it.

But you are very loose on details, which is typical, and leave it up to the reader to fill in the blanks. So I will attempt to do that for you.

Seeing something scary? That would just be an afterthought carried over into a dream. OK so that doesn't way in either. Nothing to do with any spell/curse, even if that were the case.

Being a vivid dreamer myself, eating habits can way in, as far as dream effects, that has been known since time indefinate. In this case, not the case. Prognosticative dreams would have some manifestation, positive, or negative, and two skulls don't say much in that respect, unless it is indeed something ominous in store for you. In that sense, he didn't help you figure anything out, but left more questions than answers, and you are left with nothing but the dream as a potential "spell casting", or the dream itself was designed to alarm you, and nothing more.

But I suspect that if your Voodoun friend can get you that far, then he could also tell you more about the nature of the spell itself, if the dream is prognosticative. Maybe he's got a crush on you, or maybe he cast this himself. At this point, you know as much as he does.

But in case you are not aware, the dream state is the prime target for someone casting upon you, that is their best bet in terms of it reaching you direct. That is something you always need to be prepared for, once you enter the arena as a "gladiator"

What if I told you that dream meant nothing, or that you might see something in the way of roadkill, that would get your attention?

Well-I'd say its definately an omen.If you have made a major change or making an important change in your life-just beware and be cautious:)

The standard dream interpretation would be that they were representative of either a pending exploration into deeper knowledge (Carl Jung) or addressing something of finality in your life.

However, if you're sure that it was voodoo then I personally would say you probably need to mend a broken personal relation or find some good protective mojo. Sending good vibes your way regardless.

Do you have any strong interest in Voodoo? Any pre-condition which draws you to such magic, which might trigger such a dream in your subconscious? Sorry, no answers for you, just questions.


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