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Okay let's have a show of hands here, how many people use:

a) an atheme
b) a wand
c) neither/bare hands
d) other (please explain)

Personally, I was originally drawn to the idea of a wand, then quickly decided i'd prefer to stick with my bare hands for a multitude of reasons including, but not limited to, the fact that i was not "out of the broom closet," i did not have access to a pagan community much less a store to provide me with any real tools, and also a general dislike for needing any external elements, which i felt was backed by the part in the charge of the goddess which states that you can not find what you are seeking unless you know to look inside.

Lately I've been sort of challenging this particular habit of mine, especially after having read quit a bit about atheme's the other night.

*Note: Please feel free to include as much or as little extra text along with your choice as you like. Heck I did :P

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Yes, I love knives and daggers. I'm developing a small collection myself... one that I hope will become more serious. My mom tends to get me a nice pocket knife with my initials engraved on it or some beautiful design once every Christmas or Easter.
Bare hands. I do energy work and can focus and affect energies better using my bare hands...especially when helping someone else. I'd be willing to use a tool if that tool and the timing felt right, though.

I think the staff would be my tool of choice, though. Help with walking in uneven/boggier areas and a great workout tool and defense weapon as needed. lol =)
I prefer the atame for dramatic effect though at times I have used the wand that I crafted, however as I hold and have taught my studenst these are only tools , no different from any other without the magickian, (witch, sorcerer etc.) they are meaningless and empty, you are the generator and the director of the power.
when I was Wiccan I was always too poor to afford a athame or a wand. So I always used my hands.

I really don't think it's necessary to have one in Wicca. It's nice, but you can do prolly the same level of a spell without it.
I use an athame.
I know several people who use staffs instead of wands, but they generally practice outside, so I suppose space allows for it.
a staff, yes that's one i missed that has been mentioned at least once before in this thread.

actually, about the time i was first discovering the path, i had a staff that i liked to use to draw physical circles or other boarders around myself, in the dirt. i used it for general energy workings too, as well as a tool of connecting with the earth.

i used to stand with my feet slightly apart and the staff held before me in both hands. i'd imagine energy traveling from the ground up through the staff until it was filled with brilliant light/energy. then i'd lean forward and touch my forehead to it, and channel the energy into my own body.

this was largely instinctual. i never read about it. never had any instruction to do this. i was just combining the idea of a staff with some visualizations i had learned in yoga and the idea of drawing power from the earth. also i think the staff reminded me more of a tree, which has always seemed special and sacred to me, as well as it's making sense when it came to literally drawing energy from the earth up into it's body.

it was also before i learned about earth walking :P and how to channel the earths energy into my body through my feet or while sitting on the ground.

wow i haven't thought on this all in years!
A staff or sword to delineate the actual circle, when I cast one. Not because I feel like I need to use a tool to cast, but I have found that it helps the others to focus on a line drawn in the sand, so to speak. That way everyone is focused on the same point in time and space. If I am working in a more intimate setting and crowd, I/we tend to just call the circle, and know that everyone is focused on the same thing. The athame is purely a ceremonial tool for us, it has its time and place, but isnt a necessity. My body and its attachments are the most powerful tool I own, but not the most flashy. Like most I went through the 'OOOO Pretty" phase, and while I still have most of the "pretties" they are just that, something to show and tell and trade away.
I use all of them. It depends on what I am doing and how formal I choose to be, lol! Bright Blessings
Some Times My Wand, Some times My Staff, some time my sword, and Some times my hand, But I can say that most of the time it is my Athame. My Athame was made by a friend of mine who has passed from this world, it was the first ritual tool he had ever made, and I cherish it dearly.
If I'm out and about and practicing, I usually use my bare hands. When I am at home and being formal for my own sake, I use crystal wands. I chose crystal because I work a lot with elementals and earth is my element. I choose the type of crystal for the purpose of the ritual or spell. I am a stone collector so my wands don't look out of place in my home.


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