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I believe the perpetual state of war that simmers as we go about our quiet pagan life is about to boil over; once again.

Pagan people are all different, coming at things from their personal points of view backed by what they believe.

Some are more accepting of war as a natural part of living - others vehemently against joining conflict.

Does anything change in your practice once we're full on involved - boots on the ground deployed?

Does your practice have a "call to arms", predisposing you to enlist?

Is there anything in your power (Prayer, devotion, magik, whatever you got!) that can help bring us back from the brink?

Do you prefer peace over war at any cost?

Do you see justification in war, a global police action - peace by force of arms?

I've read that nobody really wins a war - yet I am aware of families and corporations that appear to have benefited quite a bit from war.

Hell, there's some families still spending the money they made off the civil war - get your head around that for a second. Come to think of it the navy needs 59 new cruise missiles. Wonder what they cost these days?

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Didn't take it as an insult from you , Katey...

Just heard it so much over the years...

( Bay Area Women's Lib Feminists , starting in 1970's )

So , I clarify it , just for balance...;)

( just an aside...I started the "Women's Spirituality

Calendar" for Crossing Press publishing , in the 1980's ;

When I was given credit , the first year...some feminists

got angry , and my name was subsequently left out the

next year ) of...;)

We men , have gotten blamed , again and again , just

for being in a male can understand , as you

are about my age...;)

I do understand:D. There was a lot of anger back then and its a disgrace your name was removed however so. and while i didnt burn my bra i stopped wearing one-LOL and still dont.

America needs George Carlin now more than ever.  R.I.P. Georgie Porgie.

Me thinks this is to funny; Psyche would you say? 

It's a beautiful Spring day, April 20/2017.

Russia has increased troop, helicopter, and motorized armored along their shared border with North Korea.

From the footage it appears to be quite a lot of gear.

China has a minimum of 150,000 soldiers and all their support delivery systems along their side of the river; probably a lot more now that they've had a chance to build up.

The US armada is still inching it's way towards the theater and two other naval groups are within turning distance.

North Korean rhetoric is increasingly bellicose, they seem to be projecting a frantic cornered posture.

The American era of 'strategic patience' was announced to be over.

Morbidly interesting aside. Eliminating N. Korea's nuke capacity by means of a massive EMD will do absolutely nothing to the 150,000 pieces of massed artillery that N. Korea has. Those ordinances will still be active.

S. Korea's capital is within that strike zone; populated by tens of millions of people who only want to finish the work day, eat their supper and watch a bit of K-pop.

This is terrible. There's no other way to describe it.

Some one better blink soon......

The missile systems I worked on while serving in the military had a 99% accuracy rate. Hey, but then again, I was working on them.

6 out of 9 attempts failed. So, what happened? Other than losing your greatness.

Never mind that, I worked on a different missile system asshole. My greatness is still intact.



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