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I believe the perpetual state of war that simmers as we go about our quiet pagan life is about to boil over; once again.

Pagan people are all different, coming at things from their personal points of view backed by what they believe.

Some are more accepting of war as a natural part of living - others vehemently against joining conflict.

Does anything change in your practice once we're full on involved - boots on the ground deployed?

Does your practice have a "call to arms", predisposing you to enlist?

Is there anything in your power (Prayer, devotion, magik, whatever you got!) that can help bring us back from the brink?

Do you prefer peace over war at any cost?

Do you see justification in war, a global police action - peace by force of arms?

I've read that nobody really wins a war - yet I am aware of families and corporations that appear to have benefited quite a bit from war.

Hell, there's some families still spending the money they made off the civil war - get your head around that for a second. Come to think of it the navy needs 59 new cruise missiles. Wonder what they cost these days?

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I read it!

Holds water even to this day of insta-thunk!

Frederick the Great on the Art of War is another must read.


Let us not lose sight of the Victims!!


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