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Last night I was with my friends drinking around a fire, and I always look in the sky to watch out for things. I seen what looked like a star and it started to head south for a minute then it turned a 90 degree angle and headed east. It pulsated really bright three times, it was brighter then any star in the sky! it was a white/blue light, I said "OMFG Did you guys see that?!?!" everyone was like WTF? it kept heading east for another minuted and pulsated once more then vanished.

What do you think it could be??

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No, I know what a plane looks like and a helicopter... this this was really high in the sky like way out there!! prolly in the outer atmosphere.. there is no military base around thunder bay.. and of course there is an airport, but when planes or helicopters fly over the city the fly low and u know what they are with the flashing lights an everything. This thing had no flashing lights what so ever.
Thunderbay? Do you have Finnish roots at all?
no I'm not finnish, Irish, but all my friends here have the finnish roots!
Im jealous ..Ive never seen anything that I would call a UFO except on television
no it wasn't over a lake or anything, but my friend told me he and his dad seen the exact same thing a few years ago and it was over a lake and when it pulsated it lit up the lake :S
hope we see one tonight!!! lol
Well, Sirius Day/Robert Anton Wilson Day - also known, paradoxically enough, as the Occult "silly seasons," is less than a Month away.

If you build it, they will come; if you reach out, *something* will answer. This I know.

Ergo, keep Light, Loving and be careful/discerning.

<3 Love,

Uh yes I would qualify that as a UFO and most possibly an ET ship..... not all UFOs are ETs but it seems from the description this one is most probably is an ET ship.


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