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Was the Path you choose a curiosity that you stuck with, or a revelation?

This has been on my mind for a while now as my path was sort of reveal to me but it was also a curiousty I had too.

See, I am suffering from depression and the day I began on this path had been particularly hard, so hard, I was considering the worst and through the thickness of all those dark clouds a voice in my head (that sounds nuts but it's not, or maybe it is, I don't know lol!), told me "Search Wicca" so I did and I've been on the path every since, but the thing is, I'd always been vaguely curious about the practice and I wondered if that had anything to do with it too.

Anyway, I was wondering if this happened to any of you?

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maybe..I caan't really say. I've studied several magical and spiritual paths and sometimes its as though my spirit guides are guiding me and some times I think it's just a need for more knowledge. Good post BTW!

That's interesting, So for you it's spiritual curiosity and guidance. Cool and Thanks.

I'm an Arab pagan. I was also like you I was going through problems and depression and one day the gods found me.

Arab Pagan. That sounds interesting, I'd love to know more about what that is.

I think maybe it revealed to us because and when we needed it the most.

I am also interested since this is the first I've heard of it. I have seen Jewitchery but not Arab paganism.

It was a curiosity.

  I have no set "path".   I am what I suppose you would consider an "eclectic pagan".  

I found paganism after searching for something that felt right to me.  I knew I believed in "something" bigger, grander... than just us; something that connected us all-  plant, animal, mineral, etc...   I just knew that Christianity's God did not resonate in my heart.  It wasn't my belief.  I was young (12), so tried Satanism for a while, only because it was the only thing I knew of that was different than Christianity (and its affiliates).  I very quickly realized that if I didn't believe in the Christian God, then I obviously also did not believe in its Devil, either.   

 After a few years of this, I fell in with a group of kids who introduced me to paganism.  They were Wiccan, and so that's how I started out.   Finally something began to click in me.  It wasn't quite "right" yet, but I knew that I had finally landed on the path I was supposed to be on.  I was excited for the random trails it would hold, and that I would wander, as I collected all that was part of me and my belief structure, and gratefully left behind those that didn't settle in me, and thanked it for its use and assistance on my way. 

  My core beliefs are pretty solid, but I'm ever-changing.  One of my favorite things to do is find someone with beliefs different than my own, and have a conversation (not debate or argument!) about them.  I always learn something new like this, and while I may not adopt it as my own, it helps me keep a broad perspective and understanding about people, and the way they think and believe. 

  As for your "calling".. you can believe it was your guardian (angel/spirit/etc..), your inner voice reminding you of this thing you were interested in, the God/dess, Fate, or whatever your beliefs are.   Maybe it was a combination.   Only you can make that realization within yourself. 

 Being a person who battles depression, myself- I completely understand that voice you mentioned.  It's the one that pushes through all those negative thoughts and provides clarity, logic..  maybe it's survival instinct.  Whatever the case, that little voice has carried me past more than a couple of really dark periods.  I like to believe it's something (guardian?) that helps nudge me when I need it, looking out for me.  I also like to think it's my own Self in there, pushing through.  So, I think maybe they are one and the same. 

Wow, Thank you for sharing this with me (and those whp read this) Very insightful.

You are most welcome.

I was never was interested or attracted to the monotheistic faiths.  To me they were very anti-woman, very intrusive, very low self esteem religions run by fear.

When I read the stories of the ancient Greek gods, it really resonated.  Not only were women divine, natural human drives were not seen as sinful or evil.  I converted - not due to any personal trauma - and it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. 

Never been happier with my belief system and never looked back. 

That's really cool that you converted merely by preference. I like that you didn't mean any more reason then you simply didn't like how things went down. Respect xD

That's really cool that you converted merely by preference. I like that you didn't mean any more reason then you simply didn't like how things went down. Respect xD

Thanks.  I have noticed that when I read some of my pagan magazines, some of my fellow pagans are recovering from some personal trauma and I often wonder how many people are just converts like myself.


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