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Was the Path you choose a curiosity that you stuck with, or a revelation?

This has been on my mind for a while now as my path was sort of reveal to me but it was also a curiousty I had too.

See, I am suffering from depression and the day I began on this path had been particularly hard, so hard, I was considering the worst and through the thickness of all those dark clouds a voice in my head (that sounds nuts but it's not, or maybe it is, I don't know lol!), told me "Search Wicca" so I did and I've been on the path every since, but the thing is, I'd always been vaguely curious about the practice and I wondered if that had anything to do with it too.

Anyway, I was wondering if this happened to any of you?

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  Its true that  there were goddesses for the ancient Greeks but even the goddesses got raped and cheated on along with nyphs and human women.

Yeah, that's true with the rape and infedility but I think she was saying that it it didn't treat women as coins or cattle, they had power too and in my opinion is shows that the Gods are much different from human men.

Its true that there were goddesses for the ancient Greeks but even the goddesses got raped and cheated on along with nyphs and human women.

Honestly Mary, since those stories were VERY likely written and spread by men, I kinda take them with a grain of salt as to what really happened.  

Myths reflect the culture.

Mine was a calling. I was drawn in 1983 to Glastonbury, Somerset in England and climb the Tor a 518 foot hill just outside the town. The hill has terraces which surround the hill on all sides and they conform to the design of the Labyrinth of Minoan myth.

I'm also dealing with depression, I've been in jail for 10 months for an armed robbery I didn't commit. After 10 months I beat the case and was released on November 7. I thought everything would be gravy when I got put and technically it has been. I'm doing well from an outside view but internally I'm feeling a lot of anger, agressiveness and dislike for people in general. Also I've been dealing with a lot of paranormal activity, not all bad but still annoying at this time. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm dealing with a lot of emotional shit as well and I know it fuckin sucks.

   would call mine an awakening or a re-awakening. I spent an entire summer in the woods campgrounds no tent just the stars above slept on the  ground-fed the animals (nuts) and got back to nature and my awakening. Ran to the car when thunderstorms arrived. All in all it was wonderful :). Once we got enough to buy a tent we were lucky (?) or was it fate that we gathered wood because a gas station was going to be built and we hauled enough wood to cook-keep wild animals away and there was no no trespassing sign. We felt blessed :).

Pantheist here, it kinda picked me I think. I always stood in awe and wonder at the sun, mountains,beauty of the forests even the clouds. One day in my 30's I was like, is there something where you can just worship earth, or the sun or Life itself? and viola, discovered pantheism on the net. ALso found out yrs later there is much pantheistic thought and practice in certain forms modern Hindu and even some Zen and the like. I don't know if you have to have one Set Path! persay, kind of eclectic here also. Love u pagans .

It was a long development and I have studied many paths, because of this, I tend to identify as "eclectic pagan" and an eclectic witch. Shaktism fits me the most though. It was so long, I would say it took years to identify with my experiences enough to recognize what I saw.


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