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Was wondering if anybody would to conformt me and give me words of advice on how to become a strong woman

Right now I am going through a very hard time and I need  alot of  advice and well a cyber huge if you can not give me one in person. I am both ill with mystery illness and crappy docs and husband who is  putting me out to pasture because, I am sick and old and not exciting anymore. 

He went form  wanting to marry me on a mountain and let's start over  and  to hurting me on the day after mother's day and  it could be worse to  now I have ot forge a new path I  feel I am not ready yet.

He went form I am the perfect woman and I want you as my forever wife to,  blaming me for everything. I now this, is a great thing just going to,  be hard at first I miss his snore and smell though I know he was not right for  me anymore.

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Is his name Rob? I have a friend like that that passed away about 2 years ago it really reminds me of that - maybe he is reliving his life or something.

My friend. He isn't worthy of you. You are a creative, strong woman. I am saying this because I know it is true. Something is seriously wrong with him if he goes from loving you to treating you like dirt. My suggestion is that you need time to yourself, find yourself and recover from being sick. Believe me I know how it feels to be sick and the doctors having no idea what is wrong. I have gone through my share of it. It gets to the point you don't even want to go to the doctor because they won't tell you anything. I sincerely with all of my heart think that you need to break away from the negative energy no matter how  painful it might be. In the end it will benefit you. You need to find the goddess within you and find that strength.

Well my husbands  bene my husbandfor 16 years  I know he has a shit ton of problems so do I   We had and weill  ton of Kamric relationships   Easy to  leave a door when you have another door to  climb into! I barely have any offline friends and no family that i can really coutn on and wel he is wel lconnected.

 I lost 70 pounds doctors  give not care or   have tihsw your healthy .

I try noto tmake him to mad  but he  he is really good at warfare  I am peaceful person he does not respect that  agression just breeds aggression.

So  does anybody want to talk ot me offline or  write me email at

Does anybody know of any  helaers who love ot help a person for cheaps or trades I am really lonely  or would like a place ot stay in exchange for help around the house?

Just go ahead look at my  photos pages  if oyu l ike i can do trades

You are already a strong woman, Angji. We are all stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Remind yourself that you are strong. Write yourself an affirmation like, "I am a strong, confident person and I wil make it through this," and say it to yourself in the mirror every day. Maybe that sounds goofy, but it works.
One thing I have learned over the years: we need to love ourselves. We need to be kind to ourselves. Our culture teaches us that being hard on yourself will somehow make you a better person. No, a thousand times, no! You are going through hard times now, so you need to take time out to be kind to yourself when no one else will.
If your husband is "good at warfare", maybe you should refuse to engage him. This may be a time to set clear boundaries and not allow others to violate them.
I wish you all the best. Bright blessings to you.

In order to be a strong woman, you need to start acting like one.  Even if you don't feel like it on the inside?  Start acting like it on the outside and eventually your actions will become your natural nature.  Your husband you need to confront.  Is he is acting out because he does love you and is afraid to lose you and is starting to push you away?  Or has he found someone else and is blaming you for everything so he can pretend YOU were the problem so as to assuage his guilt?

You won't know any of these things until you ask - and ask him to be honest.  As your husband.  As a man.  As a fellow human being.

If he can't or waffles or avoids you, you're done.  You've tried.  You need to care for yourself and your health and if he's not going to be with you 'in sickness and health', and be a partner/helpmate, you need to cut him loose as dead weight.


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