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My students have a small meetup group which we use as an online calendar so that folks will know where and when the latest class will be.

This week I noticed three folks had asked to join the group and sent them a polite note saying that this was a private group for our students and inviting them to join the local meetup in our area as well as our own discussion forum.

Well one of them wasn't happy with that. He wrote me a major email rant suggesting that we were morally criminal and harming the pagan community by "hiding".

I wrote back again, tried to explain the situation, and therefore heralded in a storm of more vituperative nonsense including experiences he'd had with groups as much as 2000 miles away from me.

Now while I realize HE personally is just a wackjob...

Have others of you had to deal with folks who seem to believe it's their right to join your coven, teaching group or tradition? How have you dealt with it?

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Crackpot is a crackpot. Seriously what is so fucking wrong with mystery traditions or private groups?


So far I've gotten more than 4 replies from him in less than 24 hours. Each reply becomes less lucid. I'm now being attacked for the actions of other people, other groups, not to mention that the programming specifics of are now my personal fault. Because why do I invite people to join my group? Well, I don't. It's marked private. Why people even SEE it is beyond me and if I were the programmer...but I'm not.


No worries, I can handle it.

Its the sense of entitlement that boggles the brain. I recall when I was first allowed to HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH the lady of a local coven. Actually I had the conversation first, found out who she was after. Eep! Hope I spoke well!

Now its not that those of us who run groups trads or covens are so high and mighty...

Sheer basic human respect would be a good start!

And yes, what IS so wrong with mystery trads or private groups? We are both and I'm not sorry about it. If you're right for us and us for you, we're very open. But come stomping in and expecting we'll teach you? Oh so no.


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