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I am new to Wicca and am interested in my first spell being a goal I want to obtain. I was wondering if anyone knew one I could try and the materials needed. Thanks!

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That shit'll kill your gall bladder. 

Burning a yellow candle while you cook helps strengthen your resolve to get healthier. Combine that and intent with any sensible plan. It all has to go hand in hand. 

So when you burn the yellow candle while cooking, there's no incantation to go alone with it? Or do you make one up yourself while lighting the candle? No need to call the Goddess or God?

If you'd like to PM me, I can give you the information I have. I only have a couple of book sources, but I'm happy to share anything relevant. 

I find Penn Jillette's solution interesting. While he would not describe it this way, he's effectively created a thought-form which he fills with Intent, and uses it to manifest change in his life. That includes his weight-loss. Apparently Penn and I agree on there being no mind-body divide, but he thinks it's all body while I have good evidence that it's all mind. Still, its interesting we can end up at the same place--because it works.

You must decide before doing ANY spells - WHY it is you are doing this. Magick does not respond well to the muddled, confused, or fearful. Take a look within and see your intentions. 

It is true that body, mind, and soul are all intertwined in ways none of us yet fully comprehend - but this does not mean that one can do for the other two what they don't carry the will to follow. 

For example - physically - NO MATTER which exercise routine you can do, it will damn near ALWAYS be thwarted by a shitty diet. Cut the chemicals and cut the toxins. Eat well and sleep at night. Begin regular exercise - and this is your spell. Once these elements are in play, you must decide whether your decision to lose weight is internal or external. If it is external - no spell will do anything and it will cause you more pain in the long run and backfire, giving you further stress weight in why your magic is not working. What I mean by external - is do you want to be viewed as prettier? sexier? Do you base self worth on how you are seen? If so, DO NOT DO these spells you seek, but rather - set out to make peace with yourself. Rather than doing spells that are negatively fueled, do magic that will help you repair self esteem, or boost your willpower. Spells that will magnify strength and clarity, not that will slice away body fat. 

I am a solitary practitioner and say this not lightly, but out of experience. I have been on a long journey of curse shattering within the psyche and intend this to be encouraging. 

What I'm getting at - is that YOU have the power to make the changes you seek. Look within, not out, for the guidance you shall need.

Honestly, I ate a lot of fish and steamed veggies. And drank a lot of water. A big part of weight loss is what you eat 

New to Wicca and want answers. Do you know spells are temporary? Do you know what it takes to do a spell and make it work and the amount of energy it takes to do a spell? The do and donts when casting a spell. consult a doctor or dietician.There are no shortcuts to weight loss both in the mundane and magical world. 

Hi Brandi, I did a bunch of weight loss sigil magick. What I did was Google "weight loss" sigils, and did a bunch of them at various times. You merely draw the sigil, sign your name, charge it with the gods' powers, and then burn it with your intention. I did multiple sigils such as "down with sugar", "control appetite", "weight loss" etc. (You can also make your own sigils.) I also did a diet at around the same time. (Ketogenic diet) and I love 60 pounds. It seems to be permanent so far.

Hope that helps! But remember diet and exercise, or one or the other, needs to be done with these spells in order to work. You don't get results for doing nothing!


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