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What are the "must have" herbs and flowers in your garden?


    I always have to grow  Rosemary and roses because they both are very versitile, also I'm fond of Basil, Catnip and Peppermint... again lots of uses. I also must have Aloe Vera around as well. oh, Garlic! yes that's a necessary herb for me. Everything else I can change out.

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Chamomile, mint and ginger root.  

Sage,Rosemary,Lemon Balm, Feverfew,Foxglove,Rue,Spilanthus Oleracea (Electric Daisies), and a very small carefully tended patch of grass in the lawn that I managed to transfer Psilocybe mycellium into a few years ago, and is now slowly producing a small quantity of `magic mushrooms`. 

Ah , the old freedom of "Liberty Caps" , as we called them...

I remember well...;)

Natural Shawn,no man made chems, amazing how they grow in profusion at many of the ancient sacred sites, perhaps the `earth energies` at these special places enhance their capability of spore production?

Effects of Psilocybyn on the neural pathways of the brain (right of image) compared to normal brain function (left of image).

Well I checked long ago , on that , via the code ,

and just rechecked again , and there is a connection

between the Telluric Current , and the Mycellium Network...

It specifically adds to one of our arrangements of columns ,

with a value of 1318 :

It Will Be = 30

Mycellium Network = 350

Increase = 186

Near = 110

Increased = 186

Telluric Current = 455

= 1317

Just reaffirming your thought frame...

As the Telluric Current is stronger over underground water

and underground chambers , and this is where the old sites

were for Standing Stones and Temples many times...;)

Very astute Shawn, many dowsers have  come to the same conclusion after long investigation:)


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