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What are the "must have" herbs and flowers in your garden?


    I always have to grow  Rosemary and roses because they both are very versitile, also I'm fond of Basil, Catnip and Peppermint... again lots of uses. I also must have Aloe Vera around as well. oh, Garlic! yes that's a necessary herb for me. Everything else I can change out.

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What do you want to accomplish? Do you know your temperate zone for growing anything?

Stinging Nettle (urtica dioica). The dried leaves make an excellent tea that helps with any joint pain, and for guys, helps with prostate issues (BPH), and in women can help with menstrual cramping and reducing menstrual bleeding.

The listed issues that it helps with I have found on several sites are:

Promote lactation
Stimulate hair growth
Help control blood sugar in patients with diabetes
Reduce bleeding connected to gingivitis
Treat disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract
Provide relief from water retention
Prevent or treat diarrhea
Decrease menstrual flow
Provide asthma relief
Heal wounds
Treat hemorrhoids
Stimulate contractions in pregnant women
Treat insect bites
Treat tendonitis
Treat anemia

Could I just ask you if you have treated any conditions in yourself using stinging nettles?

Yes, I use it for pain in my basil joints of my hands (the lowest joint of the thumb near the base of the hand).  I play guitar and work on computers all day, as well as doing fine work in my workshop.  I take glucosamine and chondroitin as well, but I find a tea made with the dry leaves and a sliver of ginger does wonders taking the pain away, and is supposed to help with healing.

 stinging nettle grows wild around here but I'm unsure how to gather it.... I've been stung before as a kid. Maybe I could buy it online.:)

You want to use a pair of sturdy leather gardening gloves and long sleeve shirt.  Grasp the stalks near the base while there are still tender leaves - preferably before flowering and the leaves get older.  This provides the best potency and a less bitter tea.  Hang the stalks from the base upside down and allow the leaves to dry.  Then you can break off the leaves and crumble to use as a tea.

Also most metaphysical stores carry the dry leaf.

I know they are not herbs or flowers but I think evergreen trees such as yew, to shield me from the neighbours peering into my garden. Also catmint and grass for my cat.

nices ones. Karen

Mugwort. Supposed to be easy to grow. I haven't tried to grow it yet because we have been moving around alot but I think we're settled for a bit so I might try next spring.

Best to grow this one in pots or other containers. It will spread like crazy and very easily overtake your garden or yard if you aren't diligent!

Mugwort contains Thujone and promotes dreams and intuition. I make a tea from it with Lavender and Orange Zest. The Orange Zest helps with the bitterness of the Mugwort as does a little drizzle of honey. I was originally going to use it as an incense, but tried the tea instead. I haven't actually tried to grow it yet, but it's supposed to be somewhat invasive so put some boundaries around it.

I have a black thumb so plants grow better when I leave them alone. :) 

My must have herbs are: catnip, sage, rosemary, lemon thyme, belladonna, several types of mint varieties, lavender, and yarrow. There are so many more I want to learn to grow. I am new to growing flowers and I have nasturnium, morning glories, marigolds, roses, and peonies.


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