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I love to reading and right now I'm rereading celtic magic from DJ Conway..short book, but gets you familiar with the mythology and names/places/beliefs..what are you reading?

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Am noodling through 'Tree and Leaf' by Tolkien. Highly recommend for those interested in the origins of faery, fairy story and myth....

Martin Heidegger's Being and Time
Wow, a lot fo diverse reading! And awesome recommendations! Thanks guys, keep them coming!
Oh, good question! At the moment I am currently reading through, 'Wicca for Couples' by A.J. Drew as well as 'The Dreamer's Book of the Dead' by Robert Moss.

Just finished "The Ethical Psychic Vampire" by Raven Kaldera, currently reading "Blood Magick" by Seth.


The Ethical Psychic Vampire is a straightforward guide for psychic vampires, new or experienced. It gave me a lot of interesting ideas concerning practices like healing while also giving me a unique view of psychic vampirism in general. For example, I've never come across such a useful distinction between those who are born psychic vampires and those who become psychic vampires (which he refers to as primary and secondary vampires).


Blood Magick is exactly what the title says. So far I can say that it is amazingly well written and thought provoking. The first couple chapters could be used as an introduction to what magick is and how to effectively use it. He covers the subject succinctly yet more completely than most modern authors.


Both are definitely recommended if you're interested in these topics.

Good choice!  I love love love DJ Conway!


I an re-reading the Ghost Hunter"s Survival Guide by Michelle Belanger.  It's a fast read.

It's been a long time, but I'm reading fiction right now. It is an anthology of short stories titled "End of the Road." I'm really enjoying the fiction for a change. It may start another trend in my life, not a new trend, I've enjoyed fiction in the past.

The stories themselves are fiction of a dark nature, but the ones I've read so far center around mythology and beliefs in various cultures.

Death Shall Be Dethroned

I just checked out "Spells for Tough Times: Crafting Hope When Faced With Life's Thorniest Challenges" by Kerri Connor (978-0-7387-2728-8). I don't know if it's any good yet as I just got it. However, I'm researching spell mechanics so I thought it might be a good addition to my notes.

Re-reading parts of the book Herbs - Lesley Bremness.

Re-reading The Airmen Who Would Not Die.

Cool, eerie, life after death contact book detailing events from the 1930s.


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