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What book are you reading right now? I am reading The love dog and Dog days by Elsa Watson. Cute books! I swear, I'll never look at my dog the same way again!

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I got through reading The Tragical Life of Doctor Faustus.  Tho, it's a play, not a book, and I read it online.  Btw, does anybody know why he kept referring to himself in 3rd person.  He kept saying, "Faustus" this and "Faustus" that.  I thought it was very strange.

Reading through Shinto Norito a Book of Prayer.

I'm reading The Outer Temple of Witchcraft. :) I read The Inner Temple of Witchcraft earlier this summer. Both have been great reads, but I think I prefer the Inner Temple.

I'm reading the Gaunts Ghosts series. Currently on Necropolis. I had high hopes since Dan Abnett is one of my favourite authors and I wasn't disappointed!

IRS taxes and  Small business book my brother loaned me.

I have been going back through "The Book of Mephisto" from Asenath Mason. Its a short but great study of Mephistopheles as the devil of the grimoire and sabbatic traditions and includes a magical perspective from the Faust stories.

There are a few books I'm currently reading: "Drakon: Dragon Myth and Serpent Cult in the Greek and Roman Worlds" by Daniel Ogden, "Restless Dead: Encounters between the Living and the Dead in Ancient Greece" by Sarah Iles Johnston, the third volume of "The Cults of the Greek States" by Lewis Farnell, and "The Sacrificial Rituals of Greek Hero Cults" by Gunnel Ekroth.

The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook by Kenaz Filan.

Recently I have read a fairly new series called Scribes of Medeisia, written by R.K Ryals. Its currently 3 books 4th book is yet not published. But if you like the subtle fantasy genre, dragons and persecution of magic. Fighting to survive royal disputes and an ancient dragon necklace with great power. A Prophecy that signifies the demise of great ruin or great peace? This series is something for you. 

I'm almost done reading the book Pagan Ritual - The Path of The Priestess and Priest (The Eight Paths of Magic) by Anna Franklin 

Norwegian Wood - a book about a former Japanese Student, looking back at his University life. You go back in time to see his struggles and love life or lack there of. Its a must read for students or former students. Written by Haruki Murakami 

I'd like to read that. I like her series. 

I'm reading The Book of English Magic! It's absolutely wonderful!

Right now I'm reading "Mayan Tales from Zinacantan: Dreams and Stories from the People of the Bat." The major deity for Zinacantan in ancient times was a Bat God. Zinacantan is in Southern Mexico and there is also a community in Guatemala that had a Bat God as their major deity. The community in Guatemala has the coolest jackets all the men wear with an image of a bat on the back. It makes them look like a motorcycle club. lol


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