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Hello everyone! I'm kind of new here and curious about what deities people on here work with, and I wouldn't mind seeing if we work with the same deity. I actually feel a strong connection to Epona, so she has been the one that I've been working with lately.

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I have worked with Hecate for a long period. The I had a paradigm switch as I am at a crossroads just now. I like Thor and Sante Murte but she isn't a Goddess but rather the spirit of death. I'm very interested in working with my local Fae. They all seem to look like Cernunnos. So maybe him and then Elen of the ways.

Primarily mother goddesses,

Horned Goddess with the Horned God of Faery

and all the

Dark and Light




The ones that show up.

Practicality and Applicability via Probability and Availability


I Like It !

Well...I'm a true Celt and my goddess statue would be of Danu bec-ause she's a Triple Goddess...I choose NYX now bec-ause she is a Dark Goddess symbolizing my dark & unsure path at present...Odin is symbolic of my Asatru Heritage...that's where Celt, Indian & Norse mix...I usta know a priest who did Blots but don't know if he is still at I'm the Druidic Path bec-ause my Heritage is predominantly of Druid (Celt & Roman) 

Im new here as well. The main Deities I work with are Ra (Egyptian Sun God) , Oona (A Queene of the Fae), Azazael (Angel of Weaponry,Magick, and Beautification), Dagon & Cthulu ( LoveCraftian Gods), Poseidon(Greek god of the Seas and the Abyss), Bealzebub(Angel and "Lord of the Flies") and alot of others but these are some main ones! But honestly I research new Deities all the time and am constantly adding in new paths to my Praxis . The last couple of weeks if been working on expelling a specific deity so its all a matter of whats happening in my praxis at any given time.

My Matron is Hekate Queen Of Witches, Goddess of Death & Rebirth, of the Crossroads, etc :)Hail Hekate!

Wow this could take a minute.
The collection of all spirits or universe as some call it is often referred to as Creator or Great Spirit. I usually go with the latter as the former refers to one and creation is by many. Great Spirit in my personal opinion is more accurate as in it refers to the collection of the many spirits that indeed create this "reality" that we exist in.  I work with this "Great Spirit" or collection of spirits or energies as all is connected, as in you move one then all move.
As for worshipping I don't. I honor all, but worship none as all is equal. One being is not greater or less than any other being so all should be honored.

I haven't been here for a while, I figured I'd check in to see what is going on.  Been studying a lot of things, mostly medicinal properties of foods and herbs and spices and learning the relationship of these to modern medicines. 

Has anyone heard of a being named Sanaya?  Pronounced Saw Neigh Ya.  The neigh is like the neigh of a horse. She/ it is my sort of spirit guide.  Sort of a link to the collective consciousness of the world.

It could just be I am connecting to my subconscious which is linked to all life energy.

I recognize that avatar...

( always thought it looked strange , so I remembered )

So , Rickymouse...

No , never heard of "her"...

However , just checked gematria code I work with...

We have a symbol set equaling 894...

If words / phrases add within the symbol set within a +1 , -1 , of the zero

point , this one being 894 , we see it as truth / highly likely / reality...

Sanaya = 108

My = 61

Guide = 117

Revealing = 34

Consciousness = 573

= 893

Now , going further :

Sanaya = 108

To Measure = 108

Change = 108

Therefore a being of that name would deal with

change , and a form of measure...

Think , perhaps in terms of observing / measuring a wave in

quantum physics , and the collapse of the probability wave function...

Best !

I am soo happy...jus got my God statue of Odin the All plus! Showed him to my Hub, he couldn't wait to get his hands on him! Now to choose a goddess statue..tough choice!


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