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What do wiccans, pagans and other witches think of rootwork or hoodoo?

Here is another one. I looked into some hoodoo sources on the internet and I find it very attractive. They say it a mixture of the african magic and other traditional magic from all other parts of the world. Could any wiccan or pagan witch cast a hoodoo spell or is it against the rules? Is hoodoo considert some kind of black magick? I know wiccans believe if u cast some kind of negative spell it will return to u three times over. Is it really the case or are they just trying to scare practitioners. In hoodoo you can curse people and get away with it when u do it right. Not that I feel a need to do this just trying to figure this out.


Thank you

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If you really think that you can just take a spell from a website and "cast hoodoo magic" then I fear for you.
of course not I dont do that I just like to learn about all types of magic, it is brilliant at this day and age to have so many resources available I am a proper witch But it seems like some people are turning this wonderfull craft into a commercial thing with so many websides out there offering services for money and thousands of shops. I dont just cast spells of the web but I research all sources and cant help it but am confused.
Merry meet xxxx)o(
Commercial? And how is that different from the old time when people were coming to the rootworker paying with chicken and produce for some work done for them (or against someone else)?
I was just curious and I have to admit I didn't do too much reading on this. There are not many books out there on this subject but from what I found on the internet it is a strong kind of magick. Ok the best know would be Liucky Mojo, they provide all u need in a bottle or a mojo bag and its like anyone could do it. This is where i dont get it I am not any begginer and love to look into all types of magick and occult, not much of a practitionare but have the basic knowladge and all the tools. It feels like the magick is loosing its magic I am sure there is more to hoodoo but some of these shops sell stuff and make it sound like anyone can do it just light a candle buy some powder and throw it at someones doorstep and they are doomed. Thats only an example.

Here is the thing.


Traditional rootworkers made up the spells known as conjures or tricks for their clients. The clients are then given instructions on HOW to work the magic. That's it.


Not everyone was deamed worthy of learning complete hoodoo, because hoodoo isn't like Wicca. It was something like recipes. You take this plant you get this desired outcome, you mix this plant with this and you get this outcome. Hoodoo was majorily about two primary things:


1) Root doctors. Those who would be considered rootwokers, those who knew everything hoodoo, or enough to practice it and help people by employing the skills.


2)Those who may know a few tricks. Not everyone is trained into hoodoo or rootwork, but everyone eventually learns a trick or two. Such as putting red brickdust by your door to keep an enemy at bay. Or to plant monkshood in the garden to protect you from werewolves when the wolfbane blooms.

The rede is a Wiccan thing, hon. I don't know a thing about Hoodoo except that mostly African Americans practiced it, along with some white doctors. Mix of many magics, right?? Even Native American in there.

To be honest with you, if you're looking to cast a spell, or curse someone you are better off using your own spell. Just keep in mind, Karma kicks everyone in the ass, despite your religious beliefs. So play nice. lol
Thanks for honesty hun, I have no need to curse anyone, lol. I am just looking into all kinds of perspectives and the way it all works. And the bad karma is something I truly understand yet in hoodoo thay have a clensing ritual including a herb bath that will that will reverse any bad stuff coming back at you. No bad intentions just pure curiosity. xxxx
I think it's interesting, not 'black' or 'evil' or whatever. It is my opinion though that with all native traditions, unless you are taught from the source (a traditional practitioner), it's something not to practice. Just because a book is published about something doesn't mean that it holds correct information, or that it contains all the cultural nuances you need to understand the tradition (true of the internets as well). Trying to practice these traditions without proper instruction can be like driving a car when you have only learned how to turn it on, or only how to turn left. There may be vital pieces of info or philosophy you need in order to truly understand the nature of this kind of work that books may not contain. Practitioners will often leave vital info out of books to separate the initiated from the curious.

So yeah, I suggest going to the source if this is something you really want to learn :)

good luck!
I suppose that would depend on your individual interpretation of your particular path's moral indications. Most Wiccans believe that love magick is harmful and thus will not do love spells. Rootworkers have no such issues, but some Wiccans don't either. Hoodoo is a craft, not a religion, and it's open to all pagans, from what I understand. I know a Hellenic Reconstructonist who is also a hedge witch and a hoodoo rootworker. I knew a buddhist that was a rootworker.
It's a craft and like any craft, its up to the practitioner to decide the value or moral implications of what you do.
As far as the threefold law being a scare tactic? Well, to many Wiccans it's the real deal... to me, it is not. It's a part of that tradition but not a part of other traditions nor is it part of my own ecclectic path. I do have a similar "law" though... There are three parties effected by any negative action... the target, the actor and innocent bystanders. Those who do negative actions are surrounding themselves with negativity and thus are not creating a good environment for themselves. That's not to say that agressive or actions that could harm are never necessary...
Would love to if you could direct me a bit to find the right stuff or a teacher. I find the prev. mentioned website too commercial and they even do online courses but as I said i want the real thing. It is very hard for me since I dont live in the us, I live in Ireland but I come from Slovakia. There are no sources at all to be found so Im lucky enough to understand english and learn from there. Thank you for your help.
Hoodoo and root magick were lumped together with voodoo and santeria during the time of the 'red scare.' They all were perceived as spooky and evil by right wing hollywood writers, in movies and books about aliens and ufo's. These were akin to the 'commies' and socialists of that era, and considered 'un-American'; therefore, not good!
As a witch and magician I use roots, bones, stones, feathers, etc. in my workings. Folk magick is a natural form of magick in that nature provides the tools. As in any magickal system, intent shades or colors the magick being performed. There is no 'evil' system that I have ever run across, only people. In Love and Trust!

Take it from my experience of a hoodoo practitioner and also a practicing Pagan since I was six years old of course you can. But you need to be able to separate certain elements at times. Such as the rule of Three if you are Wiccan.


Hoodoo is about self power and empowerment and sometimes this means we can curse, control, command, manipulate, make people fall in love with us, break people up if we think they don't match, dominate our loves, bring peace into the home, and help us in gambling luck.


Hoodoo is very natural and deals with almost anything in nature. This also included animal parts. Hoodoo deals with folk practices, and so there are sometimes disturbing things a hoodoo-- not a lady hearted practitioner-- would do such as boil a black cat alive or use urine and blood. 


Hoodoo doesn't involve sacrifice, however sacrifice can be implemented. Such as the chuparosa where one kills a hummingbird and dries the heart for three days and than crushes the heart into a fine powder.


Hoodoo is all about personal power. It is a practice and not a religion, but any religion can be incoporated into hoodoo.


Hoodoo isn't fluffy bunny bulshit either and can be very dangerous. We deal with many dangerous elements sometimes such as ammonia or mercury. These are more of the old fashioned practitioners, but even now a days with modern hoodoo practices bat blood ink is still sometimes made from real bat's blood or even certain curses or jinx breaking curios. aren't meant to be touched on the skin.


Hoodoo is very practical. That's what makes it also very appealing is the fact it is relatively cheap kind of magic that makes use of household tools and implements.


Hoodoo is about community. True rootworkers worked closely with their communities in helping to solve the problems for their people. Been a hoodoo practitioner is about pain in order to learn, and suffering to live. It is about sacrificing everything you are for the greater good and surroundings yourself to Higher Powers that are beyond our comprehensions. But underneath all that it is about enriching and empowering yourself to have a better future and a better chance in life.


Hoodoo is generally orally passed on, and is very hard to trully learn throuh a book. And even then the material on hoodoo is very, very scarce.


What makes hoodoo also very interesting is that it is purely North American practice and was founded in North America.


I hope this has helped a bit.


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