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I wonder what the wooden crate means…I walk into a supermarket of some sort a voiceover explaining how I can talk to any woman and in 20 minutes I have her charm (virginity???) As I walk in a beautiful strides in heading toward a slightly hidden area nearby taking off her clothes as she goes. When I arrive she is naked legs spread against the other side of a thick wooden crate. I try to do the deed through a gap in the crate but decide the pain and damage would be to much.
Her body is perfect, doll like in its symmetry but hard body real and I am frustrated. She is dressed oddly red and white gingham or calico red blond hair….as I pull away to try again the pursuit leads to a number of women dressed in the style of recent eras all succumbing to my charms or so the voice over says. I walk through the same close cropped grassy field or yard the grass is plentiful but pale olive green like many scenes in my dreams lately if I ever see this place or the nearby forest always flitting about in my dreams or the castle like building I will know them instantly and forever
The lady means something as does the dark hair woman from the previous nights dreams…she wanted me a friend, an ally…maybe a lover its hard to tell with dreams
Then there were the soldiers …Napoleon era uniforms…Spanish I think maybe Belgium…and then another group approached and the order was given to form up the other group met each other at peace milling together uncomfortably before an alert officer prompted by another voice from no where yells for both groups to form and prepare for battle. The troops move together unsteadily but line up facing there common but unseen enemy the wind blows in uncommon patterns making them nervous buy they stand their ground,….One of them urges me to make some magic as I do…and I look at myself and at the ground feeling the force rise out from my fingers and from up the ground raising me in the air and carrying me around the field and square unseen prying every bit of unknown magic where it could be found gathering it for a strike or spell my mind had not or could not conceive it just hung in my mind waiting for the cipher that would release it

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