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For me, it has been incredibly liberating! It is the most joyful, hopeful and wonderful religion out there as far as I am concerned.

I can be human and am not forced to be ashamed of it, instead I can revel in it. I do not have to grovel at the feet of some god that supposedly created me but finds me to be abhorrent. I do not have to beg for "forgiveness" for being who and what I am. I do not have to fear coming up short at judgment and being sent to suffer for eternity. I do not have to have the fear and guilt that Christianity shoves on you. I do not have to constantly atone for being a woman. I have always loved being female and really hated how the church treated women. I also despise how the Bible treats women. I never bought all that crap the Bible says is true and now I don't have to feel bad about it. Science and religion can co-exist peacefully. I know that when I pass to the glorious Summerland, I will not have to stand around forever praising some god who obviously is insecure and has a inferiority complex.  I also know that I will cavort with Pan and will enjoy many pleasures with Him, my Goddess and my lover on the OtherSide.  Most of all, I will finally have peace.

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I was gonna say "liberating" also.  It has helped me realize that I can be myself, and be proud and happy of who I am.  It has taught me to be responsible for my own actions and life, as there is no "devil" making me commit "sins."  This concept of responsibility for myself is in itself empowering.

I especially love the insight it gives me into myself and life, and I love my gods who accept and even encourage my imperfect self.

Germanic Pagan, former Protestant

I lost family too. Well, fuck them.

Innanna, This is good place for a newbie like myself to start. At ten years of age (that was 41 years ago) I bought a book of spells through a school book fair lol - and without guidance I floundered.  In my teens I experienced several psychic phenomena as many of us do at that time of life, however mine were witnessed by others and I acquired the then negative label of witch. Some of those experiences were prophetic and had weight to them, so again without guidance I retreated out of fear. At certain times in my life I have experienced occult phases. As a result I have had to contend with my shadow and shadow aspects in real time. I have dealt with these in various ways from negation to acceptance. Astrology opened up the elements and psychology for me as I learned how to use them in a naturalistic way. In an esoteric and eclectic way I continue to balance myself and make more manifest my natural powers. I have up to now been a solitary, but I am now seeking to reach out. Paganism has helped me find my centre and to accept my weirdness.  

Paganism has helped me get in touch with my true self. It has brought be home in a way.

It turned me into a real asshole, by societal standards ;)

tapping into elemental powers within and without is empowering - balancing them can be a juggling act 

Whut?  Like pretending you can pull fluffy penguins out of the sky and use them for your own ends?  Gotta love the arrogance.  :)  You qualify as pagan on that premise alone in my book.

lol - smite me with my own humility - and reveal my ego - how dare you ;) love the image of a fluffy penguin - had to Google one - omg look at the size of the real one's feet !

Sin penguins aren't fluffy. 

It turned me into a real asshole, by societal standards ;)

C'mon Sin. I find it hard to believe...that paganism did that. ;-)

hence the joke ;)

It's just an identifier.  To treat it like a 'religion' or 'path' unto itself, is silly

It would turn any reasonable human being into an asshole... At least the pagans would.


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