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For me, it has been incredibly liberating! It is the most joyful, hopeful and wonderful religion out there as far as I am concerned.

I can be human and am not forced to be ashamed of it, instead I can revel in it. I do not have to grovel at the feet of some god that supposedly created me but finds me to be abhorrent. I do not have to beg for "forgiveness" for being who and what I am. I do not have to fear coming up short at judgment and being sent to suffer for eternity. I do not have to have the fear and guilt that Christianity shoves on you. I do not have to constantly atone for being a woman. I have always loved being female and really hated how the church treated women. I also despise how the Bible treats women. I never bought all that crap the Bible says is true and now I don't have to feel bad about it. Science and religion can co-exist peacefully. I know that when I pass to the glorious Summerland, I will not have to stand around forever praising some god who obviously is insecure and has a inferiority complex.  I also know that I will cavort with Pan and will enjoy many pleasures with Him, my Goddess and my lover on the OtherSide.  Most of all, I will finally have peace.

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I think anything that i could say has already been said. What freedom , peace and happiness to be able to say, "i AM a Witch!
Love u guys! Blessings


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