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For me, it has been incredibly liberating! It is the most joyful, hopeful and wonderful religion out there as far as I am concerned.

I can be human and am not forced to be ashamed of it, instead I can revel in it. I do not have to grovel at the feet of some god that supposedly created me but finds me to be abhorrent. I do not have to beg for "forgiveness" for being who and what I am. I do not have to fear coming up short at judgment and being sent to suffer for eternity. I do not have to have the fear and guilt that Christianity shoves on you. I do not have to constantly atone for being a woman. I have always loved being female and really hated how the church treated women. I also despise how the Bible treats women. I never bought all that crap the Bible says is true and now I don't have to feel bad about it. Science and religion can co-exist peacefully. I know that when I pass to the glorious Summerland, I will not have to stand around forever praising some god who obviously is insecure and has a inferiority complex.  I also know that I will cavort with Pan and will enjoy many pleasures with Him, my Goddess and my lover on the OtherSide.  Most of all, I will finally have peace.

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Wow, your post sounds exactly like my feelings.

I felt like a great weight had been lifted off me.  I could enjoy life, enjoy being a woman and enjoy being human without thinking I was flawed from birth and nothing but a sinner from the moment I came into existence.  I could live a normal life without thinking someone was reading my thoughts and watching every action and keeping score against me.

I could be happy and at peace with my religion and my gods and feel grateful and loving toward my gods instead of being constantly scared and unworthy.

Yes and something great: the guilt about sex was obliterated. The God and Goddess are very sexual and say that sex is to be enjoyed and celebrated. Even if you have deviant sexual ways, as long as you are not harming anyone, enjoy them! BE human!

I AM worthy!

I AM wonderful!
I AM as perfect as I'll ever be and my God(dess) loves me no matter what

My God and Goddess fully admit They are not perfect so how could They expect us to be?

How could you not be happy knowing that you are loved and accepted for who and what you are?

How could you not be happy knowing that you are loved and accepted for who and what you are?

My gods are not exactly into the loving thing too much, but I don't need them to be.  They accept me for who I am, and who I am is up to me, not anyone else.

Like most gods, mine have Their good side and Their dark side. I do not hesitate to ask Their dark side to aide me when needed.

I met my husband through a Pagan Night Out I founded and ran. We've been together ten years now. :D

It has definitely given me more freedom. I grew up going to Catholic school, and I remember trying to actually BE a Catholic in high school. It was SO much censorship. In Catholicism, you sin not just by action, but also through thoughts. I had to constantly censor my own thoughts. Like, literally, I was one evil kid just going by the amount of censorship I had to do on my own thoughts. Also, I didn't really understand why only men could be priests. And the continual reference to God using the male pronoun, even though everyone was like "God is neither male nor female", but let's just use "He" all the time was very confusing. Also, it didn't make me feel included. 

I dabbled in paganism, but went for atheism for many years. As soon as I went atheist, I experienced the most incredible feeling of freedom ever. I was more relaxed, no more censorship, I could pursue my own thoughts, no one was watching me ALL the time, etc. It was awesome. Later, I knew that the pagan path was right for me when I never lost that sense of freedom, of being able to question, etc. 

I'm still not sure what happens in the afterlife, but, to be honest, this is far more comforting to me than the whole heaven/hell dichotomy with which I grew up. I like the mystery, I like that there are things I won't know until I crossover. And I like that I can discuss these things with other pagans without getting a "have you accepted Jesus into your heart" comment. I'm really not bashing Christianity - as I do know lovely Christians. But, having lived in the south, and having had that line said to me many times ... it gets old, real quick. 

What has Paganism done for me?  Honestly, it has made me want to distance myself from the label entirely.  

I feel your pain.

I refer to paganism as a path outside of the 'Supreme Being' beliefs. Other then that if you look very few people actually define themselves pagan they have each chosen a name that best describes their beliefs. Mine for example is Protectorate.

I am using Paganism as a broad term. I call myself Eclectic Pagan.

A bit redundant, no?

No, I do not want people calling me "Wiccan," there is nothing wrong with Wicca but I follow my own ways.


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