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First off I am not attacking anyone just sharing observations through out the years I have been a Neopagan. I am not calling anyone out or whatever. I know people may not like what I write. If you feel threatened then you may need to evaluate yourself as I do.
I have been practicing Neopaganism for over ten years now, reaching second degree in Alexandrian Wicca/Witchcraft. Through out the years I have also practice ceremonial magick, Druidism, Asatru/Heathenry, forms of Voodoo and other paths that I would normally not practice if stayed with the religion I was born in. Now in my earlier years in the Alexandrian (Lexi) path my High priestess and former High priest had instilled in me on how to interact with others in the community and the responsibility of the Priesthood.
Now I already know how I should treat others in any day interaction and in religious services. What I have learn in Neopaganism I think goes a bit further. When you continue to practice for years you kinda become a beacon for people who are new to Neopaganism. So you kinda set the standards. Especially goes when you are in a tradition and have extra standards on behavioral.
Now when you are on your own its fine. you don’t have that much responsibility only yourself. But when you have someone teaching under you, then you’re responsible to them as well as yourself. You are responsible for their training, their growth, and their mental state. They are trusting you to treat them with respect.
I have herd some things that have made me really mad and disgusted that no one should have gone through. Violating your student both physically and mentally using them for your own personal agenda is terrible. Doing that to anyone in the community or the group you’re in is terrible as well. In my opinion people who do that should be excommunicated from the community, the group your in and if legal actions is needed then take them. This does not put Neopaganism, the tradition you are in, or the community in good light when people outside of Neopaganism is already judging you before they talk to people who practice.
As a man in Neopaganism this makes me especially frustrated. I was taught to treat everyone with respect as you would want and treat women equally. Women are just as strong mentally and physically as a man is, but this does not mean that men should be acting disrespectful to women. In fact some traditions are matriarchy.
I am not saying that I am perfect, but I try my hardest to do my best so I’m not ruining someones experience, turning them away. So please their are men in the community who takes it very seriously and who treat you with dignity and respect. If you are new and curious to finding a group or just looking for a group, here is a website to help you out while looking. Here is a site that can help you looking for a group in your area.


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Really, it is unnecessary to point this out, and it is a fallacious argument. There is more to strength than testosterone enhanced muscle mass. There is also endurance and speed which takes different types of muscle tissue. And, getting hung-up on biogenetic differences misses the really important issue of treating everyone as a living entity with dignity and care. The “physical” stuff is irrelevant, and frankly we have the technology to change that if we were so shallow to do so. Spiritual strength is by far superior to the physical anyway.

Thank you Medb

I know you mean well but men and women are not the same. You can put the same ranks, but in reality men are stronger physically and thinking is different. Men and women just have to play their role and don’t break the freakin rules. 

Never, ever play by anyone else's rules.

There is a reason why the Strength card in most Tarot decks carries the image of a woman. It's because real strength has nothing to do with weightlifting.

That's Tarot not reality. He's talking about reality, what is going on in the Pagan World. There is also a Lion with her so she's not alone because the true idea of strength is a lion image. Females looking for mental strength always invites an image to help them.

Take your advise and never ever play by your own rules, especially if those rules don't follow it's true form..

Actually, the Woman's ability to stand next to the lion without fear is the representation of strength--not the lion by itself. Facing one's 'lion' is where one truly expresses one's strength.

Don't ever ask me to be friends here in P.S. your reasoning is insane.

"Actually, the Woman's ability to stand next to the lion without fear is the representation of strength--not the lion by itself. Facing one's 'lion' is where one truly expresses one's strength."

Yah I learned to quote people in P.S. lol.. Dohn Joe

Insane?! Meh, I've been called worse. Generally, anyone who sees things that other people can't is called insane regardless of their actual mental health.

Also, Stacy Horn in her book “Unbelievable” quotes a 2004 University of California report that states that, “although the majority of people with schizophrenia may hear voices, the vast majority of voice hearers do not have schizophrenia”

You could contrast Strength with The Emperor. The Emperor rules--he projects his will without force, which is a very masculine skill. Strength, on the other hand, pacifies without violence--a very stereotypical feminine trait.

Goodness you're off your meds. This post is about Pagan Community Problems.

Oh, everyone's drunk the kool-aid alright. It's called Systemic Bigotry and it's exceedingly difficult to banish from the head. Considering that humans are pound-for-pound one of the physically weakest of animals on the planet, we shouldn't be basing any measurement of worth or social position on physical strength.


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