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what is this twilight craze? love or hate,post your thoughts

ok, i dont know what the craze is. i havent seen the movie or read the books, but hear the books trump the movie. half of the population loves and half hates. so half of you are rite. post your arguments. rules:no direct attacks below the belt but trash talk is encouraged. begin!

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100% agree AEBH THISTLE!!My grandkids are limited in their video game watching and enjoy books,playing kid games,interacting with others their age,sportsm,recreation ,etc. Unlimited video games is pure insanity when a parent allows it. I know several teens that have such a skewed view of the world because of video games from morning till night.
i liked the books til i read the last one and i hate them all now i told friends that have them i dont want them back cuz they will all end up in my firepit.
I really smart woman that made millioins,knew her target audience,hired great marketers,knew how to market it herself,knew how to get in on a good thing to secure her future,took it as far as she could,mafde an idea intio a way to make a fortune,etc...hardly a idiot ,as i see it.
I'm stating the obvious. The woman marketed an idea,made a ton of $$$ over it,started a fad,a craze that has netted her millions. as a senior marketing manager for many years,I see it as brilliant! Its fantasy.
i havent got a chance to read the books but the movies were really good. i liked bella and edward though. gotta see the other movies.
I enjoyed them all.......took them for entertainment,nothing more......
No offense what so ever,truely!! I wish I would have been cagey enough and could write and make that kind of $$$ doing it,that's all,simply fantasy to me. I look at it for what it is,no more,no less.
I want Edward to meet a woman like Tank Girl!
Who is Tank Girl,MAIRE?

She would just kick his ass through the story.


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