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I'm interested to see where us pagans and heathens and witches are hiding in plain sight (or not hiding, huzzah to you!) Since we can't all get paid to hover over bubbling cauldrons or turn cheating spouses into frogs, what is your occupation? I'll start:

I am a preschool teacher at a Jewish preschool. I also have a little home apothecary gig I do in my spare time. I am not completely "out" at my work. They have an idea of my beliefs and seem more open minded about it than any other demographic I have encountered.

Thanks to all that reply! 

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I'm not hiding. I'm an author ,illustrator, and I signed a contract for an editor gig with a pagan publishing company.
I love it Psyche! You are truly blessed.
I feel blessed. Coming out as pagan to my Catholic mother was absolutely terrifying and difficult, but now things are fine

My mother was the only family member that I've ever told, as I wasn't close to the rest of my family until recently. I just wrote a whole long thing and something happened.

My mom didn't take my "paganism" seriously. She was like "that's nice dear, now pray this prayer". Glad to hear that things are fine w/you.

The rest of my family are Baptists & I just don't think that they're going to be as dismissive as my mother was. I've got all these non-commital rehearsed answers in my head for inevitable spirituality-based questions. I just don't think they'd be able to accept it at all. Dressing up all Goth is bad enough.

If they love you, then while they may not agree with your life choices, they will have the respect of knowing it is your life and not theirs to live.  They will understand that if they want your respect, then they must give equivalent exchange.

At least that is how I see it.  For those who wont accept you, just be polite and refuse to argue with them, after all you will still have to get along as best as possible.  We all have crazy families with crazy (or partially crazy) members.  And if you don't...ha ha, then you best look in the mirror :).

But I feel you!

huh. which 1?  i'm a  mom.  i'm a writer/author - whichever way ya wanna  look at it. :D  singer, artist...and dog walker..*L* really  love  puppies and yes ALL dogs are puppies!  have also been a home health aid, hum...worked as a store clerk, even sold Avon once upon a time. oh  did a stint as a a sucky job that was.  almost became a phone sex  operator  but it just  didn't suit my nature.  :D babysat/daycare.   hmm thats all i can remember at the  mo..

  the religion thing never came  up.  they didn't ask n i didn't tell. :D not their biz anyway.

sad  to say have had some health problems  of late and so not been doing  much of anything but writing and trying to heal myself.'ll all come together when it  will. :D and  always taking care of my  kids  in whatever form they require.  my sons a special needs adult that  lives on his own so i keep a sharp eye out on him.

alot of the above was  a while ago has  been going downhil for years but  as  alot of women do, took care of everyone else before me.  WORKING  ON IT now!! Cheers folks!!


Wow Azriel, you're a renaissance woman! Keep working on you girl, you will definitely be in my thoughts!

*HUG* TY!! 

I'm a writer and do illustrations for Spero Publishing. I have one kids book out and my editing contract is with Damnation Press. I haven't gotten assigned a book for editing yet. :)

I wish you Bright Blessings of healing & strength.

I'm a veterinary technician. I'm not completely out at work either, just with a handful of coworkers. One of my other coworkers is also Pagan which is cool for me! I don't get to be around other Pagans a lot.



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