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I'm interested to see where us pagans and heathens and witches are hiding in plain sight (or not hiding, huzzah to you!) Since we can't all get paid to hover over bubbling cauldrons or turn cheating spouses into frogs, what is your occupation? I'll start:

I am a preschool teacher at a Jewish preschool. I also have a little home apothecary gig I do in my spare time. I am not completely "out" at my work. They have an idea of my beliefs and seem more open minded about it than any other demographic I have encountered.

Thanks to all that reply! 

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There are a lot of factors: what I actually want to spend the time studying, and in what environment I'd like to work. I had been a psych nurse for a brief time and, as someone who deals with my own mental illness, I found it to be overstimulating to deal with everyday (rather than just on my own). However, as an NP, I'd be working with patients in a different capacity.

Internal medicine I'd choose if I want to remain in the hospital setting which, oddly enough, I like.


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