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I'm interested to see where us pagans and heathens and witches are hiding in plain sight (or not hiding, huzzah to you!) Since we can't all get paid to hover over bubbling cauldrons or turn cheating spouses into frogs, what is your occupation? I'll start:

I am a preschool teacher at a Jewish preschool. I also have a little home apothecary gig I do in my spare time. I am not completely "out" at my work. They have an idea of my beliefs and seem more open minded about it than any other demographic I have encountered.

Thanks to all that reply! 

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I am not hiding. I am a member of the US Armed forces. and while I work on the civilian side I proudly display the triple goddess symbol on my tool box.

Always remember...we have rights against discrimination in the workplace...

Just one organization...

I've had a couple; ex Army now semi retired nurse, as much work as I can manage there's always a shortfall. I don't discuss my belief system at work, that is my business not theirs.

I'm a legal secretary. I'm out at work, as it's a very open place, but not at all with my family. I feel like I keep my family life off to the side in a little bubble that has nothing to do with my real life, but it doesn't bother me much as I only see family occasionally anyway.

Out in plain sight. I am a tattoo artist and have been in the game since I was 18 years old. It was a tough ride starting out, the UK ink industry in the early 90's was predominantly male and my attempts to break through the ink ceiling were scoffed at, rebuked and rebuffed. I was pretty much sketching, doodling and scribbling from the moment my mum gave me my first set of crayons.

UK female tattoo artist of the year 5 times, apprenticed 5 kick arse female artists. I do it for the love of it, not for the recognition, but there is a lovely satisfaction to to see fruition and future generations blossoming.

Time to get back to work.

I want a tattoo from the needle queen !

Congratulations , that is great !

( one arm , wolf in hoop howling at blue moon ,

other Courtney Davis goddess , Celtic band )

Needle Queen, love it!

When I conquer the US, you are on the Needle Queen's ink list.

Saving up already $$$

Sounds great...California coast here...

You *know* who came from here , I'm sure...

The Godfather of Tat in the "modern age"...;)

Wow, so many USA based ink talent and pioneers leading the way, Lyle Tuttle is a hero of mine. It's got to be Ed Hardy?

Ed Hardy it is...

Lyle is great , however...;)

You ever use a mix of Egyptian and Chinese inks ?

Friend used it on my background for my wolf tattoo...

Now 25 years old , held the purple fading ,

even after all that time , and a *lot* of hot and bright sun...;)

Generally use a wide variety of inks Shawn and get them shipped from all over the world.

One of my favourites is-Japanese Kuro sumi-for its color fastness and vibrancy.

Todays choice, an Italian organic blend, on a mastectomy client, scar tissue is a lot less dense and needed a gentler touch, though I added a few other blends (esoteric trade secret, you understand).

Egyptian ink has stood the test of time.

Your skin elasticity must be amazing, sun and all! I do more cover up jobs than touch up jobs, thanks to knowledge of good products.
Want some no face ink


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