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Or Breakfast , Lunch ?

Just what are you consuming ?

Last night for me , it was yellow , red , and green bell peppers ,

sauteed with broccoli , red onions , and tempeh , over rice ,

with grilled salmon...

Tonight , it is five cheese pizza : mozzarella , parmesan , asiago ,

romano , and ricotta cheeses , topped with grilled chicken and

pesto...chocolate brownie for dessert later...;)

So...what is your delight ?

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Guiness Beef Stew tomorrow :D. I dont usually make dessert. Breakfast tomorrow-maybe corn bread or muffins.

Now if it were really Irish stew there would be

more Guiness than beef...;)

Free range ?

Today's menu @ Chez Vegan,

Breakfast 0600: Home made hummus served with Frank's BBQ sauce on home baked hard rye wafers, black coffee and spring well water. I'll eat around 300 calories worth, which is filling.

Lunch 1100: Black beans with caramelized onion and sauteed mushroom beside brown rice. Variety of savory sauces to choose from. Denser meal, more calories, around 400.

Supper 1500: Roasted potato with garlic and olive oil. I like A1 sauce with them. After I finish eating I'll maybe have a vodka and cucumber soda.

This cucumber soda pop I found is delicious with Tito's hand made vodka.

I'd call it the new Vegan drink if I was in charge of Vegan media interaction.

Sounds like a perfect menu for the day for you...

I would join you for the home made hummus w/ BBQ sauce ,

on home baked rye wafers , especially...;)

Today's lunch is a toasted corned beef on seeded bread sandwich and carrot & coriander soup.

Carrot and coriander...mmmm...

I love carrot ginger soup...perfect for a cold day...;)

And I'll have a slice of seeded bread , with that please...

Any fresh churned butter ?

Yesterday, dinner consisted of leftover homemade lasagna with garlic bread; dessert consisted of sponge cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

Hey , leftover lasagna can be great !

I'll take strawberries and whipped cream...but I want

a beautiful woman for dessert , w / strawberries and

whipped cream...if I can have my druthers...;)

Tonite :

Angel hair alfredo pasta with mango habanero chicken sausage...

Cherry vanilla ice cream for dessert...

Hibiscus kamboucha for a beverage...

Tonight I had...

Main course:  Hamburger Helper Potatoes Stroganoff

Side dish:  green beans


Dessert:  a banana


Beverage:  a fine vintage Snapple (lemon tea flavor)


I dine real classy!

Cagney would say a "classy dame" could eat anything ,

and still be classy...I think he would be right with you ,


Aw....   :)

When it comes to old moobies, I like anything with Rita Hayworth dancing in it.  Check out the video re-mix I just posted in the "What song do have on your mind right now?" topic.


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