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Or Breakfast , Lunch ?

Just what are you consuming ?

Last night for me , it was yellow , red , and green bell peppers ,

sauteed with broccoli , red onions , and tempeh , over rice ,

with grilled salmon...

Tonight , it is five cheese pizza : mozzarella , parmesan , asiago ,

romano , and ricotta cheeses , topped with grilled chicken and

pesto...chocolate brownie for dessert later...;)

So...what is your delight ?

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Guiness Beef Stew tomorrow :D. I dont usually make dessert. Breakfast tomorrow-maybe corn bread or muffins.

Now if it were really Irish stew there would be

more Guiness than beef...;)

Free range ?

Sounds like a perfect menu for the day for you...

I would join you for the home made hummus w/ BBQ sauce ,

on home baked rye wafers , especially...;)

Today's lunch is a toasted corned beef on seeded bread sandwich and carrot & coriander soup.

Carrot and coriander...mmmm...

I love carrot ginger soup...perfect for a cold day...;)

And I'll have a slice of seeded bread , with that please...

Any fresh churned butter ?

Yesterday, dinner consisted of leftover homemade lasagna with garlic bread; dessert consisted of sponge cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

Hey , leftover lasagna can be great !

I'll take strawberries and whipped cream...but I want

a beautiful woman for dessert , w / strawberries and

whipped cream...if I can have my druthers...;)

Tonite :

Angel hair alfredo pasta with mango habanero chicken sausage...

Cherry vanilla ice cream for dessert...

Hibiscus kamboucha for a beverage...

Cagney would say a "classy dame" could eat anything ,

and still be classy...I think he would be right with you ,


I will...Rita was a *hottie*...

And a classy dame...great gams...

Now see , beautiful women , good food...

What more can a simple man ask for ?

Perhaps a little bit of wine. 

Sean Connery for me. Yummm. Sighs-the older he gets the sexier we both get-hehehe. As long as haggis dosent get involved. lol. And i mean the food. 



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