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Or Breakfast , Lunch ?

Just what are you consuming ?

Last night for me , it was yellow , red , and green bell peppers ,

sauteed with broccoli , red onions , and tempeh , over rice ,

with grilled salmon...

Tonight , it is five cheese pizza : mozzarella , parmesan , asiago ,

romano , and ricotta cheeses , topped with grilled chicken and

pesto...chocolate brownie for dessert later...;)

So...what is your delight ?

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Just walked to the deli on the isle where I live...

Employee was closing...soup was three days old , today ,

so he offered it to me at a ***major*** discount...

A quart of home made clam chowder , made with fresh clams...

For two dollars...;)...f*ck yeah !

I'm eating it now...mmmmmmmmmmm....


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